Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Lotus Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look OR Maybelline Clearglow B.B. Cream OR Garnier B.B. Cream

 Now, before I start reviewing any of these products, I must share with you my opinion about the brands. In general I love Maybelline for the affordability of the brand along with the 'better than average products' it comes up with. A few of the products from Maybelline are par excellence and a few are over rated, but overall a very trustworthy brand. On the other hand I have used Garnier face products and have never been impressed by their products-they never work too evidently on my skin! Lotus Herbals is a relatively new brand for me as I have only used their Safe Sun which I talked about here and which I loved. Now, I was shocked by a few products and not so about the others..continue reading to know what I think...

Let's begin with the price and product claims:

As you can notice, Garnier and Maybelline are B.B. Creams whereas Lotus Herbals is not a B.B. cream but it moisturizes skin, has SPF and is tinted. The cheapest of the 3 is Garnier, costing 99 INR for 18g, then is Maybelline which costs 199 INR for 18ml, and Lotus Herbals might look like the most expensive at 325 INR for 100 gm but if you do the maths-it works out to be cheapest! :P
Texture:Lotus has the most runny texture and absorbs very easily in the skin. Garnier comes next and has a creamy texture which is easy to absorb. Maybelline is the least water-y and is highly creamy. It gets absorbed but takes time to blend and adapt to one's skin tone.

Coverage: From the above picture you can notice that all three even out skin tone to some extent (notice how the reddish tone is not present on the picture on the right?). Whereas Lotus has the least coverage, Maybelline has the maximum and Garnier is somewhere in the middle.

 This picture has been taken after 5 mins of application. As you can see Lotus and Garnier have adapted quite well with my skin tone whereas Garnier leaves a whittish caste on my skin tone. Garnier definitely adds a glow to my face whereas I dont find that Maybelline provides any sort of Glow. Lotus gives a matte effect-true to the company's claim.

So what do I think?
I think that I have totally fallen for Garnier B.B. cream and for me it stands at better ground than Maybelline B.B. Cream. I even use Garnier at the center of my face in order to give it a subtle highlight for an everyday natural look. I definitely use Lotus as a base for being so moisturizing and being a sunblock. (Since one tends to use B.B.creams in a very very small quantity, therefore I always use Sunblock underneath). I always tend to shy away from Maybelline B.B.Cream because of the whittish caste. 

Have you tried all 3? What is your take on these products?
Let me know how these work for you!
Take care :)


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