Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: Braun Silk Epil 7681 Epilator

Hey guys!

So today I am going to review the braun silk epil 7681 epilator.

Cost: original price= $129.90; discount=$20; reduced price=110$!

          @ flipkart discount=7% discount, reduced price=Rs.6899/-!

The 7681 is for both wet and dry usage which means that you can use it in the shower or before or after taking a shower. you however need to ensure that it is fully charged before you use it-i think it works more smoothly if it is charged. You cannot use it when it is charging. It is meant for the body as well as the face and as such you can use it for your legs , arms, underarms, chin and upper lips!

My Take:
               Initially i was quite skeptical about buying an epilator although I had wanted to own one ever since i was in high school. The reason why i did not get to buying it were dismal reviews on epilators  given by my friends and family.
                           I have used the braun 7681 epilator and am very very happy with this product. it does not hurt while using but since i am used to waxing, i thought i would use it on my mom to see how she responded to the product. Her skin is quite sensitive and she is not used to taking to much trouble over her body hair as she is not used to waxing and threading and et al. To my absolute shock, she too really liked the promduct and said it didn't hurt her at all.

Now for the pros and cons of the braun 7681 epilator

1. it is light wieght and can be carried in your bag
2. the blue light helps in highliting hair so that it gives a very close finish
3. it does not hurt at all when you are using this particular epilator
4. you can use it in the shower
5. if you are going out somehwere and dont have time to wax and dont want to shave-you can epilate easily at home
6. it comes with a shaver head so you may choose whatver suits you for whichever part of your body
7. once charged it works for ateast 45 mins
8. it has two settings extra gentle and efficient and according to your comfort level you may switch between the 2
9. it comes with a brush which makes it easier to clean

i havent found any cons about the product except that it is not so readily available everywhere.

If you have some thick hair and the epilator is not fully charges, kindly charge it before hand so that it works in an efficient manner and you dont have to go over the area again and again.

Overall i will definitely recommend the product to anyone who is looking out for an easier way to deal with body hair. Initially the price might look a little steep as compared to other epilators, but the braun 7681 silk epil is definitely worth your money!


  1. Hi there! loved your review very much and hope to see more. Love your writing, hopped over to see your poems. I use an epilator and this one doesn't! will look for it.

  2. Thank you so much! Your appreciation means a lot!
    You may check it out at the links provided :)

    1. Helo :) Good review. I just got mine today. I successfully epilated my hands :)! I have facial hair which I would like to remove. My skin in super sensitive and I am scared of using it on my face. Have you used it on your face?

    2. Hey! Thank you so much maddy!

      I tried it on my mum-for upper lips, and she didnt have a problem but when I used it for upper lips, I found that it bruised my skin at a couple of places-i think i was trying to remove one or 2 stubborn hair. just remember not to use it to target single/stubborn hair on your face as that can lead u to epilate in the same area over and over again which might lead to bruises. I'd suggest you use it one or twice (maximum) on one facial area and not more than that (in each sitting) :)

  3. seraphicgirl, I totally agree if you are used to waxing, epilation is not that bad. I think it is better to wax first and use an epilator to remove the new growth as it comes in. I like the Braun 7681. My favorite feature is the smart light and the pivoting cap. I don't like using this model on the face because I find it hard to reach the hair and if you use it at the wrong angle it can bruise the skin.

  4. Great review. I hope my mom too will let me use this epilator



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