Sunday, February 24, 2013

OOTD & FOTD: A hint of Summer ;)

 You guys know that I was supposed to be busy with a dinner party at home. But plans changed and we hosted a hurried lunch instead. The result was a quick head wash and some clothes put together was a sunny winter afternoon. Since it isn't as cold now, especially in the day I just wanted to wear something light and colorful! That explains my outfit of the lets move ahead to the pictures and the details!


 I have big news! But as usual I don't know where to begin from... Let's see.... To begin with, I am shifting base to Delhi. Finally, I have found a new job and I will try settling down in Delhi. Of Course I dont love it as much as I loved Bombay, but it will be a change and a change is always pleasant (keeping my fingers crossed!) Lol. So what does this mean for you? 
  1. It means you will get more Outfit Posts from ME. Now whereas I believe most of these will be office formals, I will try and inculcate my pictures from my weekend outings!
  2. I will also try and cover shopping stops and good deals (If I happen to come across any!)
  3. It also means that I shall be available in Chandigarh as well as Delhi! HA!

Outfit Post: Saturday Night OOTD

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, probably you saw me post this picture on instagram yesterday. We were heading out for a family dinner and I was in no mood to wear my jeans or leggings. These trousers fit like a glove and I decided to give them a go! Because it was a dinner part, formal trousers didn't feel out of place and I paired them with a blouse which had amazing detailing on its neck. To top it all I used a warm shrug to keep me warm :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo in Ivory box & Blue Sphere

I recently laid my hands on this eyeshadow duo. It is my second one from Estee Lauder (I'll review the other one really soon; have been using it since forever). So anyways, these duos were introduced about 2 years back in the states but were launched in India last year. The eye shadow duo is from the Pure Color Range. The pure color range is presented by Tom Pecheux who is a leading makeup artist and is also Estee Lauder's Creative Director.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup Review

This lil baby had been sitting in my vanity for quite sometime. Since I have a lot of base makeup right now, I was not really in the mood of opening it up. My aunt had got it from the states for me and I didn't even pay much heed to it, thinking that it's just another compact powder (WHICH IT IS NOT). A few days back when I was getting ready for my friend's wedding, I tore open the plastic of this compact to realize that it's not a powder at all! It is a full fledged foundation! Ha! Read on to know what I think of this compact makeup.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: VLCC Insta Glow Face Pack

If you have been reading my blog regularly then from MY HAUL Post which I wrote a few days back, you must have seen the VLCC Insta Glow Face Pack in the products. This is the first time I've bought any VLCC product (as far as I can remember) and I hadn't heard about this product when I reached my retailer. At that time I was asking him for some kind of face pack which would help lift my mood and my dull skin (I don't care about fairness, I just want my skin to look all silky and smooth). And that is when he offered me this 'Insta Glow' Face Pack... I have been using it since...want to know what I think of it?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel

Having used a few of The Body Shop products, I feel that I have a <3 hate relationship with the company. While few of the products have been stunners, the others have been absolute duds-showing no effects at all. Looking back on all my purchases, I feel that if there is one line from body shop which always stays in my good books, then that is their shower gels. The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Shower Gel was my 1st shower gel from The Body Shop... read on to know what I feel about it :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My week in pictures: The 3rd Post

I missed out on my last post which was supposed to show you what I did that week; my internet connection had been acting up and hence this time I'll cover both my weeks via my instagram pics. For the uninitiated You may find me on instagram HERE!
Anyways, we should get started now-shouldn't we?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Lotus Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look OR Maybelline Clearglow B.B. Cream OR Garnier B.B. Cream

 Now, before I start reviewing any of these products, I must share with you my opinion about the brands. In general I love Maybelline for the affordability of the brand along with the 'better than average products' it comes up with. A few of the products from Maybelline are par excellence and a few are over rated, but overall a very trustworthy brand. On the other hand I have used Garnier face products and have never been impressed by their products-they never work too evidently on my skin! Lotus Herbals is a relatively new brand for me as I have only used their Safe Sun which I talked about here and which I loved. Now, I was shocked by a few products and not so about the others..continue reading to know what I think...

Friday, February 15, 2013

OOTD: Boyfriend Jeans with Blazer; an Androgynous Look

Today was one of those days when my mum had an off due to Basant Panchami (i guess) and later in the day I realized that today is also Saraswati Pujo. Did you know that saraswati pooja is one of those rare occasions (I guess the only one) when bengalis don't eat non-vegetarian?! Weird hunh ;) Haha, jokes apart, I <3 Bongs! Oh! Yeah on to the post.....So I got ready without knowing where I was heading to, but I was sure that I'd be shopping for formal pants so I wanted to wear my blazer....

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Look: FOTD subtle and fresh

Today is a 'sit at home' & 'continue with your business' day for me. I don't have a valentine and it's sad that I didn't receive anything, not even a rose :( LOL. Nonetheless, I decided to create a look which I would have worn (in the daytime ofcourse) had I had a date ;)

This is a minimalistic look and I used the very basic products; I'm sure you will be able to find these products in your vanity to re-create this look(i.e. if you like it!)

Loving thyself Haul Part 2 featuring Herbal Essences, L'oreal, Lotus, Vlcc etc

I'm hoping you have updated yourself with the Story of this Haul from HERE which is Part 1 of this post, if not I would appreciate that you hop on there first before we commence with this post :P Apart from reasons mentioned in that post, I even wanted to share a giveaway cum contest since forever and have been collecting stuff in preparation for that. Had to collect a few of my favorite things for myself as well as you guys and that is how this haul happened. To know more about my 1st giveaway, please click here and enter as it would make me really really happy :D Anywho lets move on to my haul, shall we?

My February Haul Part 1 Featuring The Body Shop

A couple of days back I received one of my payments for my work as a lawyer. I have a huge bill outstanding on my credit card and I decided that like a good girl, I'll only make do by putting in the minimum payment due and spend the rest on a haul :P Now most of you who are regular on my blog know that the last of my hauls (for skin and hair essentials) took place in October last year. Since I was running out on most items, I re-purchased a couple and bought some new items to try out. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My 1st Giveaway! Win it in 3 simple steps

I have been missing for a few days and that is all thanks to my lame internet connection. In order to make up for it I have my blog's first giveaway on your way. I know I have been making a lot of plans in the past about this, but there was no better time for it. Love is on its way as the valentine's day is around the corner and I have much to be grateful for-you all have been great companions and have helped me sooo much on my blogging journey!

Therefore, I have this giveaway which continues for a month and guess what? This is not a rafflecopter giveaway-which means its simple and sweet! <3

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meal of the Day: Protein with a pinch of green ;)

Yesterday was my mum's birthday and both decided to have a lunch buffet. We are both lovers of Chinese food and decided to visit Mainland China. The sprawl was really good and I hogged on to a rather sumptuous meal. Because I was supposed to hog yesterday, today I'm expected to live on nutri nuggets. So here's a quick recipe of how I cooked my nuggets :)


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