Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel

Having used a few of The Body Shop products, I feel that I have a <3 hate relationship with the company. While few of the products have been stunners, the others have been absolute duds-showing no effects at all. Looking back on all my purchases, I feel that if there is one line from body shop which always stays in my good books, then that is their shower gels. The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Shower Gel was my 1st shower gel from The Body Shop... read on to know what I feel about it :)

This time when I paid a visit to The Body Shop store during their sale, I was disappointed to see that the Fuzzy Peach was out of stock. The SA told me that sometime back the shower gel had been discontinued and then re-launched and probably that was a reason why lovers of this Shower Gel might be hoarding it! LOL. I found it hard to believe only because Chandigarh is such a small City for such a thing to even be possible!
From what I can remember, I bought this Shower gel while I was in Bombay and probably I bought it in the beginning of 2012 or the end of 2011; I'm not quite sure...but this one has been with me for a long long time. When the SA (mentioned above) told me that it had been discontinued, I wanted to verify the fact but I didn't find any substantial information (over the net) about how long back it had been discontinued. What I do know is that this one is from the original line of Body Shop Products and was earlier replaced by Vineyard Peach Shower Gel before being re-launched.
The consistency of this shower gel is very thick, which is probably the reason why it lasted for soo long. Of late, having realized that it was out of stock, I have started using it sparingly in the hope that I don't run out of it. I just need a drop or 2 of it to get a very good lather. The fragrance is very strong in the shower, but on my body it is quite mild (which I dont mind at all). The shower gel is soap free and one may find that it leaves  the body a bit creamy even after you have washed it off with loads of water (This may feel a bit unsettling to a few of you).
I love the fact that for 340INR I get a product which lasts forever. The fragrance is very peachy and thats all that you will notice at first. But I have started using the Earth Lovers Shower Gel which I hauled here, a few days back and when I used this Fuzzy Peach again yesterday, I found a few notes of Rose Water hitting my senses too.

The only con for me about this product (which many wouldn't even count as a con) is the packing. Even though I appreciate the fact that the bottle is recycled plastic, I don't like the shape of the bottle and the fact that it is such hard plastic. There is something very masculine about the packing which I don't really appreciate as much. It can be quite difficult to pack in a suitcase when you are pressed for space. I must admit though that even though I have a lil bit of the gel left in my bottle, I dont have to bang my head trying or to wait an eternity for the gel to flow out of the bottle and into my loofah. Oh well...

Overall, this is one of my favorite Body Shop products and I would definitely hold it against the company if they were to discontinue it ever again!

Have you used this shower gel? What's your opinion on it? Any other shower gel you would recommend?
Let me know; I love to get suggestions regarding products I haven't used!


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