Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meal of the Day: Protein with a pinch of green ;)

Yesterday was my mum's birthday and both decided to have a lunch buffet. We are both lovers of Chinese food and decided to visit Mainland China. The sprawl was really good and I hogged on to a rather sumptuous meal. Because I was supposed to hog yesterday, today I'm expected to live on nutri nuggets. So here's a quick recipe of how I cooked my nuggets :)

  1. Heat a tiny bit of oil and lightly heat your nutri nuggets in it for about 2 mins
  2. boil a pan of water and add the nutri which you fried to this water so that they can become soft
  3. In the meanwhile take 2 onions and a small piece of garlic and mash it in the mixer
  4. heat a tiny bit of oil in a non stick pan and add jeera
  5. next add the garlic onion paste and heat adding salt to taste
  6. chop some tomatoes and ginger and mix it in the mixer as well
  7. add this mix in the onion garlic frying pan which is on heat and add your nutri to it
  8. chop some broccoli and add 
  9. heat for sometime then add a lil bit of milk to make a fine curry
  10. cover it till it gets cooked
Note: Instead of broccoli you may add mushrooms.

This dish was my idea and it might not be the best way to cook nutri but it sure was delicious. Let me know how you cook your nutri nuggets and whether or not you like them ;)
Much <3


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