Monday, February 4, 2013

My week in pictures: the second post

I know I have been missing for the last couple of days and on all accounts you must blame me and my laziness for it :P The period when I am at my laziest is when I have a zillion things running through my head; at times, when 'to act' would be an essential, I like treating it as 'a prerogative' and hence feel very good about being in a position of authority. Gibberish? Maybe...
So what have I been upto this past week?

Catch up on my life through My Instagram Page. For those of you who are not on instagram, here's a weekly round of my life through pictures~!

1. I was on a tomato +onion diet-therefore for the first time I cooked tomato soup which was quite delicious to say the least :P

2.I went in to see my dietitian and despite all my efforts I had lost only 100 gms which really got me annoyed and disappointed. I decided to hit the gym nonetheless but wore my sexiest outfit. It's always good to remember the good and be reminded of what you're striving to achieve. No?

3. You remember my Nails of the week , the one I couldn't help drooling over? Well as much as I loved the color, the finish and the long lasting effect, I was beginning to grow a lil tired of all the perfection and hence went along and applied my Camieo power lasting nail glitter to add a twist of sparkle :)

4.I think good fragrances can make your day and lift your mood like no other. to check my post on the fragrances I'm currently loving check out this post. My mum hangs this cute lil yankee candle in the car that we share and I'm in absolute love with this lil baby!

5.I could not Get enough of my Estee Lauder Gloss in Berry Lush and was happily clicking away as much as I could ;)

6.I'm reading Tarun Tejpal's Velley of Masks these days. I loved his first novel, The Alchemy of Desire-that's one of my favorites. This one is quite intriguing so far...let's see how it comes along!

7 & 8. Oranges ruled my fruit list this past week. Whenever hungry I would grab one and feel so relieved and energetic, it was amazing. Also, on one of the days I was on a egg diet. If you want to know more about the tomoato diet or the egg diet-just leave me a comment and I shall do a post soon!

9.The Loreal HiP pigment duo is my most favorite beauty product and I did a review with swatches and EOTD. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Phew! That was quite a week for me.
What did you guys do?


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