Thursday, February 14, 2013

My February Haul Part 1 Featuring The Body Shop

A couple of days back I received one of my payments for my work as a lawyer. I have a huge bill outstanding on my credit card and I decided that like a good girl, I'll only make do by putting in the minimum payment due and spend the rest on a haul :P Now most of you who are regular on my blog know that the last of my hauls (for skin and hair essentials) took place in October last year. Since I was running out on most items, I re-purchased a couple and bought some new items to try out. 

So here's a snapshot of what all I purchased:

1st up let's start with body shop, shall we?

From my previous post HERE you might remember how I'm crazy about fragrances around the time that I am due for my period. Last time I bought a few body mists which I am currently using, but I was running out on my Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Body Wash. I bought that around 9 months back and it has lasted forever. I believe its available for around 390INR. The body shop sale has been going on for quite sometime and I was waiting to get my hands on a few of the Lily cole stuff and also buy a few body washes. When I reached the store at DT Mall, Chandigarh, I found that only Lily Cole Eyeliners, and lip and cheek domes were on 50% off (as far as I remember). I wasn't interested in eye liners, but whenever I saw someone mention the cheek domes on their beauty blogs I would totally envy them for being able to afford such a cute product (never mind the review). Unfortunately for me, Fuzzy Peach was out of stock (The SA told me that it had been discontinued a while back and then re-introduced and probably that's the reason why they were running out on stock). Also, the lip and cheek dome wasn't available in pink :( So despite the fact that this color failed to show up on my skin I just picked it up. The original price was around 890 INR and it cost me 445 INR on sale. Then I spotted the fig and rosemary biodegradable body wash (250ml) which was on 50% off and I got it for only about 175INR!!!! Next, I found the dreams unlimited body wash which costs 700INR (or so original price) but was on 30% off, so I believe I got it for 400 something!
Overall, I love the smell of dreams unlimited body wash, I tried the cheek dome on my lips and cheek today and it failed to show up (as expected). When I returned home I realized that the fig and rosemary body wash smells like coconut when you smell it from the bottle, but when you use it during your bath, it smells of some really strong herb (somewhat like ginger or something)-very disappointing! BLEh! I was hoping to make it a part of my Giveaway about which you can find out more HERE but now I have totally changed my mind because of the smell (it's not fragrant in any manner!)


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