Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup Review

This lil baby had been sitting in my vanity for quite sometime. Since I have a lot of base makeup right now, I was not really in the mood of opening it up. My aunt had got it from the states for me and I didn't even pay much heed to it, thinking that it's just another compact powder (WHICH IT IS NOT). A few days back when I was getting ready for my friend's wedding, I tore open the plastic of this compact to realize that it's not a powder at all! It is a full fledged foundation! Ha! Read on to know what I think of this compact makeup.

The L'oreal True Match Compact makeup is from L'oreal Paris' True Match Range. For me, W4, Natural Beige is a true match for my complexion. In the states, it retails for $12 and it has not been launched in India yet. But on , I found that it is available for 1800INR and on homeshop 18, it retails for 1200INR.

The packing is very compact and there are 2 compartments as seen in the pic above. It comes with a mirror and applicator. I love the fact that it is quite light weight and has a separate compartment for the applicator. 

I love the size of the mirror and the feel of the applicator. Although, as you can see, I haven't used the applicator. I have that kind of thing you know-I hardly use applicators which come with the product. I kind of collect them (Lol. I know its weird, but I just cant do it-no matter how hard I try!)  
 The product is really creamy and I tried applying it with my fingers, a sponge and a brush. It works equally well with all three. I have to admit that it is one of those rare products which I love to apply with my fingers. It is very very light weight and although at first touch it feels creamy (somewhat between a creamy concealer and a mousse), it gives a very natural feel to your face. Even in full day light one cannot notice that there is any layer of foundation on the face. This makes it fantastic for everyday office wear. 
 I'd say the coverage is sheer to medium but one may easily build it up without looking like a pancake ;) Some people would not even need a concealer and will be able to use it for spot touch-up on blemishes and uneven tone.
In the pic above, I have used it on the right hand side of my hand (under my index and middle finger)

  • Has SPF 17!!!
  • Light weight
  • If applied correctly it can hide the appearance of open pores
  • can be used as everyday makeup for office
  • looks good in broad daylight
  • looks very smooth and even on the skin
  • easy to find your match
  • you do not need to touch it up with a compact powder
  • the packing can easily be carried in a purse
  • can be built to full coverage
I'll be using it everyday from no onwards (More on why that will happen-soon!) and I will update this post with the cons, if any!
You let me know what you think about L'oreal foundations. On a personal note I love L'oreal's skin care products most and am not really fond of their makeup except this super blendable compact. And I hate their hair products! What have you got to say?


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