Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo in Ivory box & Blue Sphere

I recently laid my hands on this eyeshadow duo. It is my second one from Estee Lauder (I'll review the other one really soon; have been using it since forever). So anyways, these duos were introduced about 2 years back in the states but were launched in India last year. The eye shadow duo is from the Pure Color Range. The pure color range is presented by Tom Pecheux who is a leading makeup artist and is also Estee Lauder's Creative Director.

 The Duo which I own has 2 shades-No.10 Ivory box and No.32 Blue Sphere. As per the official site of Estee Lauder, "Tom uses color for enhancing a woman's natural beauty and not transform it." The duo comes with an applicator but without a mirror which may be a bit of a con for few of you. I think if a mirror were there then it would be nice, but I don't tend to touch up my eyeshadows on a day out (Anywho, they never need any touching up). So you see I'm ok with it.

The duo is available for 2427INR and singlets can be bought for 1350INR. They also have 5 color palettes which I believe is for around 3500INR.

The colors are very light weight and easy to work with. Ivory is a perfect highlighter for Indian skin and can be used easily on the brow bone and inner corners. Unlike most highlighters it isn't white, nor's somewhere in the middle and is a perfect match for my brow bone area. The color is true to the shade in the packing and can be built up. It is very easy to blend the colors which is the best feature of this duo. However, I don't think these colors can be built up to higher intensity-probably that's what the company intended. After all Tom doesn't believe in transformation-only enhancement.

I believe that this color is best suited for a day look; it is the perfect dash of bright yet natural :)

Which is your favorite eyeshadow duo? 
Tried Estee Lauder yet?
Let me know!


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