Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: VLCC Insta Glow Face Pack

If you have been reading my blog regularly then from MY HAUL Post which I wrote a few days back, you must have seen the VLCC Insta Glow Face Pack in the products. This is the first time I've bought any VLCC product (as far as I can remember) and I hadn't heard about this product when I reached my retailer. At that time I was asking him for some kind of face pack which would help lift my mood and my dull skin (I don't care about fairness, I just want my skin to look all silky and smooth). And that is when he offered me this 'Insta Glow' Face Pack... I have been using it since...want to know what I think of it?

This face pack is from VLCC and costs 235INR. It can be stored for 3 years and the net weight of the pack is 50gm. Did you know that this Republic Day, the lady behind VLCC-Vandana Luthra was awarded the Padma Shri?!

What the company claims and Method of use:
Unfortunately, the Revital Ampoule are not included in the pack and there is no direction as to how one may use this pack without the ampoule. So that was quite idiotic on the part of the company. (the first bummer)

Now this is how the container looks from the inside. As you can see the product is contained only in a part of the container and the company has used clever packing to give us less product than showcased.. The sides of the container are extra thick-making you believe that you get a lot of product. That being the second bummer.

The third bummer is that it smells of a bleach (which fades away after a couple of minutes). Despite the fact that the product claims to contain many natural products, what you see when you touch and feel the cream is a synthetic product essentially. 

The product does impart instant glow to your face
In the past week my complexion has brightened and my skin looks more radiant
The effect lasted throughout the week (I used it 3 times)
Did not irritate my sensitive skin

Feels synthetic
Is costly
Doesn't come with the ampoule (I used it once with water and then a couple of times with a mixture of olive oil, baby oil and rose water)
The quantity of the product could be increased

Since I don't generally bleach my face because I don't like how the bleach fades away (unevenly and leaves discolored hair on my face) and because my skin is highly sensitive, this mask comes to my rescue-its gives my face the radiance of a bleach without being overtly harsh (No, it does not bleach my facial hair because it isn't meant to :P) It does leave my skin radiant and glowing.

 If you can get past the price and the product and its feel of a bleaching cream, then this product is what you are going to love!
What's your secret to radiant skin?


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