Sunday, September 30, 2012

Along comes the Vellvette Box!

Pump Pa pa Ra..
 Pa Pa pa ra....
pa pa pa pa pa pa pa ra.....

This picture is just a tease, want a closer look?

But you don't have any clue as to what's inside this beautiful baby, now do you?

What's that? You don't like this goofing around?

Voila! I'm sorry for hiding the codes like a mean lil bitchie, but I shall reveal them if I don't use them!

Anyways, so I received my Vellvette Box in the evening today, 29th September and I had placed my order on 26th September. As you may notice it was delivered at super-sonic speed. Me <3s! (Mumbai to Chandigarh on top of that); poor lil baby!

So first up:
1. What is it? Its a beauty box, Indian Style, with firaangi paani...errr...I mean products ;)
2. What is a beauty box? Its a mini haul of sorts which a company sends to your doorstep free of shipping costs and at a monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription. 
3. How does the company know what you prefer/want? They have you fill a question-are about your hair/skin/beauty preferences!
4.Are the products genuine and are they full-size or samples? These are all genuine products and some can be compared to full sized products while others are like samples-but I would say they are mid way.
5. Any additional benefits? You get gift vouchers which you may redeem against any purchase of full sized products!

Anyways about Vellvette Box:
Price:399INR/month (additional discounts available on quarterly and yearly subscription) 
Now let's have a closer look at the products and I have taken pictures of the products while I hold them in my hand so that you guys can get an idea about product size:

1. Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel:
2. L'Occitane Fleur Cherie Shower Gel:

3.Clinique Lip Gloss-Fireberry & Lipstick-Raspberry Glace:
 Mine was a lil dismantled and the heat had gotten to it :::(

I'm going to mail them about the misadventure with clinique and lets hope something can be done regarding it! 
UPDATE: The Vellvette Team has replied to my mail through call and email and they have informed me that they shall have the lipstick picked up and get it replaced within the next 2-3 days! :D

So they have a policy of 3 products per box, but this time around there's a Bonus!

4.Jesus Del Pozo Ambar:
I'm planning to use the coupon for this one to buy my friend a wedding gift-they say that every girl should have a signature scent for her honeymoon so that in the future every time that she wants to send a naughty/subtle hint to her hubby-he gets it in a jiffy! ;D

WHAT>>>>? Want me to do the maths for you?

Money Spent= 399

Cost of clarins: 125ml=1450, you get 5 ml= 58
Cost of L'Occitane= 75ml= 395, you get 75ml!!!!!= 395 :D

Ok Calculation over! you get L'Occitane worth 395, you spent 399! 

HAHAHAHAHA, kidding!

Cost of Clinique(fireberry) 6.5ml=1300, you get no clue, quantity not mentioned: anyways u get quite a lot!
Clinique(Raspberry) 4gm=1300, i dont know how much you get but its as big as the uppermost partition on your index finger. no calculation can be done!

Cost of Jesus Del Pozo 100ml=3350, you get 1.5 ml=50.25

Also you get coupons worth 700!!! 

ALL in ALL you have an excellent deal. To Add to THAT:
+ the packaging is super stylish/not cheap and I <3 it. I'm using the hard cardboard box to store my makeup!
+customer service replies at super sonic speed too (My questionare did not reach me and I wrote to them, within an hour I received the questions and a reply!)
+the box is delivered pronto!!!

I shall get back to you with the reviews! As of now, here's a final look at my goodie bag!



  1. wowwww..... nice stuff. do visit my blog at and subscribe to it if you like

  2. Superb products :D I am your 10th follower! <3 <3 Happy blogging journey my friend!

    1. Thank you so much lancy; much obliged and excited about the journey. Fingers crossed!!

  3. Oooo I love yr box! let me know hows the Clarins gel

    1. I used it yesterday and true to its word, its in a gel form, gives a cleansing milk kind of texture when applied to the face! I cant really say about the marina oil part, because it did leave my skin a little (tiny miny lil) taut!

      I shall use it regularly for a week and put up a review if you want?!

  4. I'm hosting a mini giveaway on my blog..its the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Pomegranate Punk...participate if you ant to:)

    1. sure enough! right away!!! I have been drooling over people's swatches of color tattoo! and have been thinking of buying pomegranate and bronze!!! :D

  5. i want the shower gel please :P

    1. From what i have seen on other blogs- you ll either get the shower gel or the Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream. 50% chances of either! The hand cream would be worth around 250 INR I'm guessing.

  6. i loved what u got!! :)

    missed the sep box but ordered for the OCT one.. can't wait to receive it! :D

    nice blog u have dear!!

    1. Thank you so much!
      You must be so excited about the box; every time I place an order I just can't wait to get the order in my hands- thr whole prices of opening boxes and feeling products in my hand! Lol

  7. "the whole process" I meant! Damn replying through mobile is one hell of a task!!!

  8. i loved the whole experience too :) n do review the products soon... esp l'occitane :)
    see what i got in my box here...
    n i really like ur blog... would love to follow each other :)
    following u now :)

  9. Thanks poorva; I have not started using the shower gel as of now- but I will in order to review it for you! I did smell it though and it's quite pleasant!
    Ill check out your post right away!

  10. Hey I have a query!!
    I paid for a month's subscription but they didn't ask me to filll any questionnaire! What do I do?

    1. Hi vaishnavi!
      I'm so sorry for being so late in replying to your query. At the time that I subscribed, something similar happened with me. I remember I wrote to their contact email id and things were sorted out soon enough.
      Hope you got your order by now! Do share the link!



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