Saturday, September 29, 2012

Horrid Experience with

A few days back I placed an order with Med plus Beauty. It was the first time that I was placing an order with them and picked up 3-4 items on 13th September, 2012. While the order got confirmed on the very same day and was packed for delivery on 14th September, 2012, my experience with med plus beauty wasn't a pleasant one..

On 15th/16th September I received a call from Medplusbeauty, informing me that my location was not covered in their delivery area and I was shocked to hear this because international shipments have been delivered to my address. I live in Panchkula which is a part of the tri-city of chandigarh and would hardly be 3-5 kms from the main market-place in Chandigarh (if you compare it to Delhi/Bombay this would still be like one part of the city).

To top it all, I was getting this call after the status of my shipment read "approved" and "packed" on their website, which was quite shocking considering the fact that medplusbeauty didnt take any steps while confirming the order.

In any case, I was asked to give an alternative address or to get my order cancelled and be eligible for a full return. I opted for the latter and was informed that the amount would be credited to my account in a few days.

I happened to check my account today-more than 2 weeks since my last interaction with medplusbeauty and to my Shock my shipment status still read-" Packed" "AWAITING DISPATCH". To make matters worse, there has been no credit to my bank account!!!

I called up the customer service and was informed that complaint has been filed and shall be handled within 7 days. I'm WAITING; TRULY and TOTALLY DISGUSTED.


  1. OMG that is soooo unprofessional!!!

    The only online shop that I've tried before is only though, they often have free shipping promo.

  2. I know! I have ordered some stuff from, ASOS and buyincoins. Let my get my parcels and I shall review the services as well as parcels for you!

  3. that's so sad!!! hope you get your money back!!
    Panchkula...i have a friend from there and she says it's so beautiful and green there. lovely place to live in.

    1. I know! Else I shall sue them and use my super-powers of being an Advocate :D

      YEs, the tri-city of Chandigarh is beautiful, its set in the foothills! You should visit sometime!!!

  4. In kolkata I got my products after 2 and half weeks and twice they never reached me.

    1. Gosh! thats so unprofessional! What was your line of action for products that didnt reach you? Any suggestions?

  5. Keep on writing, great job!

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