Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Pore Cleansing Facial Pads

So I have literally been dreaming about the Clarisonic Mia. Every time I hear that some relative or friend is travelling to or fro from the States, my heart skips a beat (or several, if you really ask me!). As of now, I'm quite unemployed...well, actually make it "very unemployed" :P Plus with the truckload of stuff my mum bought me recently from her trip to Alaska, it will definitely not be funny to ask her to do me a favor; as it is she thinks I'm planning to operate a beauty shop from my own bedroom!

Sigh! Anyways, cutting the long trail short, I recently wandered to this site called Deal Extreme and found tons of delicious Chinese/Japanese (????) beauty products at dirt cheap rates! And to top it all, they have free shipping !!!! And guess what I found?

This cute li'l Pink Baby is the Pore Cleansing Facial Pad and costs $2.59 only!

I have been very apprehensive about using all those fancy wash cloths for my face, because I feel that it's quite a task to ensure that the face cleansing tools available in the market stay hygienic! As such, when I saw this Pink Rubber Baby I was all willing to go ahead and buy it instantly.

It comes with a dime sized additional exfoliator which is in the same color; since the specifications on the pack were in Chinese/Japanese I couldn't fathom the purpose of this additional exfoliator, but then I use it to clean my Pink Baby :)

And this is how it looks from the back..

I have been using it with my St.Ives Exfoliator as well as other skin care products that I use and even with my face wash; I must say it lathers up really well. I was a little apprehensive at first about the product being rubber and how it is going to feel against my skin, however, to my relief I can not even feel the rubber against my face!

This is a picture of how I hold the product:
I basically take my index finger and my middle finger to the back through the opening in the front and then use both my fingers to clasp the butterfly shaped hold at the back.

Moving ahead to the pros and cons.... first up we have the pros:
1. Pink baby is dirt cheap! ($2.59)
2. Pink Baby can be ordered without paying any shipping charges;
3. Pink baby is very smooth on the skin;
4. It makes your face squeaky clean!
5. Once you are out of the shower, you feel as if someone has spring cleaned your face;
6. Helps your facial foam lather up and hence you end up using just a lil bit of your face wash;
7. It comes with a dime sized exfoliator which I use to clean the Pink Baby, hence taking care of hygiene and also making the process a lot easier!
8. You may hang it from your tap;
9.The array of colors are really cute!

The only con of Pink Baby is that it doesnt come with a casing so I feel a lil apprehensive about keeping it in the open. But keeping in mind the price and the benefits, I'm simply not going to become a cry baby!

You may buy this product from here-pore cleansing facial pads!

Do let me know about your experience with Pink Baby ;)


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