Friday, September 28, 2012

Lipstick: Inglot 408

In one of my posts where I was supposed to be doing a Red tag for NBBN, Poulami Mallick asked me to review my Inglot 408 lipstick, so here goes....Mind you this is going to be a picture heavy post, just because I think it essential to catch the true shade in different lighting!

This is how it looks like
Quantity: 4.8g/0.16 US OZ
Color: True Red
Finish: Matte

The following are swatches on my hand. On the left is a picture taken with flash and on the right is a picture without flash. In the picture there are 2 swatches, the one on the left is achieved after 3-4 swipes whereas the one on the right has been achieved with 2 swipes:


As soon as I found this red shade at Inglot I was hopping and jumping to buy it cause it was in a matte finish. Now the cheerful thing about this lipstick in particular is that:
1. its in a matte finish, which ensures that you can play around with it according to your need as well as the occasional. You may decide to glam it up with gloss or keep it sophisticated with lip liner;
2. the color pay off in a single is perfect for a red lipstick. it is neither overwhelming nor too hard to notice, which means that the chances of bleeding are reduced and you can gradually build up the color;
3. the staying power is too good to be true and it lasts through heavy meals!
4. it does not stain cups, glasses, spoons and saucers ;) staining power is minimal

The following pictures are taken in different lighting. The biggest of the three pictures catches the true color perfectly. In all these pictures I'm wearing Inglot 408 with a lil dab of lip primer and Camieo Glimmerstick14 (lip liner)


I think the Lipstick has a Pink undertone to it, although it does show up as a bold red on the lips. But this is an additional great feature because while I was in my whole experimentation phase with this lipstick-I was able to achieve pink lips on my mom with the help of this lipstick and a concealer. The following picture is a proof thereof ;)

As seen on my mom's lips-My experiment with 408 and achieving a pink look

Coming up next: Maybelline BABY LIPS!!!

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  1. I heard that inglot mattes are so matte that it eventually dries the lips??Do you have to put lip balm before that??or just the lipstick is okay with you?

  2. Poulami I always use a lip balm with SPF under my lipsticks and with this one I use a lip balm as well as a primer and a liner to fill my lips and to ensure that there is no bleeding; but then although it is quite matte, it's not matte in a bad way; I mean if I were opting for something matte, this is the degree of matte I would want!



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