Sunday, September 2, 2012

How To: Wear a Scarf like a dress :)

I was invited for a Sunday lunch by my college friends; having bought quite a few things from the States I wanted to dress up for the occasion while still keeping it a little relaxed.

So, I decided on a pair of leggings from Style & Co. and a racer back tank top from Aeropostale. I wanted to add a bit of drama and keep my love handles (as well as the "not so lovely handles") under wraps!!! Thats when I decided to add in a drape from my closet and use it as a soft layer to keep a check on my posterior ;)

Here's a closer look from the front

Now let's jump right into it:

First, take a long scarf/dupatta and fold it in half
Second, drape it around your neck in such a fashion that the two equal halves hang lose over your shoulders and hang around your torso
Third, hold the two closest ends of either side and take them to your behind
Fourth, tie a double knot at the back, keeping in mind the height at which you would like the knot and depending on how lose you want your scarf to be!

This is how mine looks from the back

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