Thursday, September 13, 2012

Virtual Sale? :-O

Whereas people often have mid-week crisis, I, on the other hand have mid-month blues.

I just got done with paying the minimum amount on my credit card bill (sigh!) Such is my life as an unemployed beauty blogger...

However, to keep my spirits high I resigned to ogle at some beauty/fashion/makeup deals and here is a list of some good sites as well as awesome deals I found:

1.Med + Beauty dot Com:

   First up, Bourjois!
   It seems as if they have a 30% discount on everything from Bourjois, Paris! I think of late Bourjois has        become the 'baap' of all beauty products as not have I read/watched a single review which would find so much as a single shortcoming in their products. Everyone has been raving about the Healthy Mix line of Bourjois and I definitely wish to buy the Healthy Mix Foundation, and the Healthy Mix concealer. Both of these are available at a 30% discount and here is a link from medplusbeauty:

Next would be coloressence:

Now, I have not used any products of this company which is a part of nature's essence (from what I have read). But from the price range and quality of products they offer-this line seems to be the ELF of India. Products are priced in a very affordable range; what's more is that med+beauty has a 25% discount on most of them! you can check out the range here:

I searched for FACES products:

If you are looking for some makeup kit accessories, Faces would be your go-to brand. I have their eye lash curler which is working pretty well for me. I have an eye on their container bottles which can be used to store home beauty concoctions! To top it all, med + beauty is offering a 37% discount:

2. Fetish errr.. Fetise???

Okay, so I recently discovered this online portal for accessories, shoes, apparel, skin care etc..It looks like a good website to make a stopover. They have a wide variety of high end stuff and currently have clearance sale going on!

If you are looking for some uber cool accessories please search here:

I have searched many a online sites for good footwear, but the indian ones are mostly disappointing. Fetise, on the other hand is a welcome change. Check their clearance range:

3.Jaaa Bong:

After hearing the screams of a woman umpteen number of times on TV, I finally decided on paying the site a visit. 

I figured that Being Human has an amazing and a very stylish range of watching in exciting colors. (the next time I have money I'm definitely buying myself one of those!) But as of now, all you lucky damsels with dough will find that there is 50% discount on these watches. You may go splurge on:

Nina Ricci Perfumes are available at 20%  discount and you may check them here:

For Mont Blanc Fragrances which are at 18% off, please go to:

4.Major Brands:

Now I have forgotten why I'm being so kind to you. I mean I hardly have any cash and I cant even spend it on the things I'm lusting over. On top of that, I'm giving you this extensive list of what to buy and from where, which is making me mighty jealous....grrrrr....
Anyways, this website called Ja-BONG has an ongoing sale on INGLOT! yes, INGLOT!
So go buy ;)

Oh! Not to Forget, 50% off most of the accessories:

So that's the long and short of it. 

Do let me know whether you did buy any stuff based on my recommendation!
I, on my part could not resist and gave in to the temptation of my first online beauty bargain ever and bought myself some products from coloressence (that being a first too)!!!

Anyways, this post is not sponsored in any way, so you are free to comment :D



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