Sunday, February 17, 2013

My week in pictures: The 3rd Post

I missed out on my last post which was supposed to show you what I did that week; my internet connection had been acting up and hence this time I'll cover both my weeks via my instagram pics. For the uninitiated You may find me on instagram HERE!
Anyways, we should get started now-shouldn't we?

Please note that these pics are in random order ;)
  1. I came up with a Valentine's Day FOTD, You can hop over to the post here
  2. On no.2 &14 we have today's DIY hair mask (I still have it sitting comfortably on my head!) LOL
  3. On No.3&4. I posted pics from 2011 & 2012 kalaghoda festival. I was living in Bombay from 2010 to 2012...I still miss it dearly.
  4. On no.5 I posted pics from my Body Shop haul and on no.6. I posted a pic of my skin and hair care haul
  5. No.7! Ah!You all know how much I <3 the VOV nail paint I reviewed here. I used it as a base yet again and topped it with 3D nail art pen which I used in this DIY NOTD here
  6. On No.8, I posted a pic from my friend's engagement party. Shall do a detailed post soon!
  7. On No. 9. you can see a pic of my new heels which I hauled here
  8. On No.10, is my comparative review of Maybelline B.B cream with Garnier BB cream and Lotus Herbals sun block 3-in-1
  9. On no.11, was my food of the day!
  10. On no.12 is an old pic I found from my cousin's wedding album. You can see my OOTD post of that day HERE
  11. On No.13 I have shared my nutri-nuggets, a recipe I shared here :)
  12. On no.15, is an androgynous look as an OOTD post!
  13. Last but not the least is a pic from my 1st giveaway which is running till 15th march! I have so many goodies lined for you, please participate :D
I promise to be more regular with the instagram weekly round up :-*


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