Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Look: FOTD subtle and fresh

Today is a 'sit at home' & 'continue with your business' day for me. I don't have a valentine and it's sad that I didn't receive anything, not even a rose :( LOL. Nonetheless, I decided to create a look which I would have worn (in the daytime ofcourse) had I had a date ;)

This is a minimalistic look and I used the very basic products; I'm sure you will be able to find these products in your vanity to re-create this look(i.e. if you like it!)

First up, let me show you a close up of my eyes and lips

 Since this is supposed to be a subtle day look apt for Valentine's, therefore, as if obvious, I had to incorporate pink (my favorite color) in both the eyes and the lips and yet not over emphasize either of the features. 
For my eyes, I used a light pink and light brown eye shadow (both matte) from my ELF 100 eye shadow palette. I even used the eye sparkler in silver from Elle 18 for highlighting the inner corner of my eyes and the brow bone area. Remember to use everything with a very light hand and to blend everything in such a manner that no color is prominent on its own.

 For my lips, I used Beauty Rush Glossy Lip Tint Stain reviewed here. But in order to tone down the color and to balance the look I used the shade 'Blush, Blush' on the lower lip and 'better than bare' on the upper lip.
 Products used:
1. On the left hand corner you can see a shade I used for contouring my cheeks professional 15 concealer palette I reviewed here
2. As a base I didn't use any foundation, not even a powder base. All I used is the garnier B.B. cream which I recently bought and am testing these days!
3. For my eyes, I used the shades shown in the pic above on the bottom left corner.
4. I used the Lakme concealer stick to brighten my eyes
5. Elle 18 eye sparkler pencil, Clinique eye pencil in the shade khaki to line my eyes (because black and grey was becoming too obvious in this subtle look)
6. I even used the Lily Cole Cheek Dome in Peach (which showed up better with the darker contour color (I'm excited about the natural look it gives!!!)

 Final look once more!
What do you think? Do you think it's a nice look for Valentine's Day?
Getting much love this season?
MUAH :-*


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