Friday, February 1, 2013

Review+ Swatches+EOTD-New L'oreal HiP Metallic Shadow Duo in Gilded

Needless to say I got the L'oreal Paris New HiP (High Intensity Pigment) Metallic Shadow duo from the states and it costs about $7-8 there. It has not yet been launched in India although I checked on ebay and it is readily available there. You may check on other online portals for more information. If and when it gets launched in India I'm sure it's going to be the biggest rage for a long long loooooooong time. Presumably so, it has become one of my most favorite items in my makeup stash.

There was a time however when I looked at it and wondered how anyone could ever buy an eyeshadow duo. I used to ask myself whether the 2 colors in the duo would be sufficient to give me a desired look....
Read on to know the answers to my dilemma...

So the product is called the Metallic Shadow Duo and is available in a variety of shades. The shade which I own is called Gilded and is numbered 806. It has 2 colors, golden and a gunmetal grey/black. The duo is a high intensity pigment duo and comes in a 2.4 gm pack.

It is offered by L'oreal Paris.
Did you know?
           That L'oreal Paris is owned by the L'oreal group which is headquartered in Paris in the suburb of Clichy? If you knew that I bet that you didn't know that Maybelline, Garnier and L'oreal are all owned by the same group- Loreal! Ah! you knew that didn't you! Well then did you know that Nestle controls around 30% shared in L'oreal??? Aha!!! Gotcha! Also, L'oreal is the owner of other brands such as L'ancome, Vichy, Kiehl's, Diesel and also everyone's favorite-Urban Decay!!!!

  • The pigments are packed in a handy case
  • The case opens with a click button situated on the front panel as seen in the above picture in the right hand side corner at the bottom
  • There are 2 compartments of the case, one for the pigments and the other for the brush and the mirror! 

  •  I have swatched the pigments in the pic above and both the pictures show a double swatch of golden pigment and a single swatch of the grey/black pigment.
  • True to its name, the golden shade is very very metallic and super golden. No Orangish or yellowish menace going around here!
  • The black isnt that metallic but it has a gunmetal kind of effect to it. It has a lot of golden sparkle in it as you may see in the picture above. This helps the two colors in working brilliantly together!
  • While the golden has a kind of foil finish to it, the greyish black doesnt. But both the colors come out to be quite opaque.
  • The colors work superbly well even without a primer!

 Here is an EOTD which I created today using only the 2 pigments and I have applied them using the brush which has been enclosed in the case. The brush unlike most free brushes is of excellent quality and I like the size of the brush as it is easy to handle. The brush can be used both for application as well as blending purposes. The case provides an area especially for the brush and the mirror. What is pure genius is the fact that within the compartment there is a special place to hold the brush!
In this EOTD I was conscious about highlighting the true intensity and have thus not used the pigments sparingly. However, if used with a light hand these pigments can be used to create a very natural, subtle yet glamorous look. In this FOTD which I supported a few days back I had used the pigment duo on my eyes but had used the pigments very mildly.

And finally I have all my answers to why people buy these pigmented duos! I hope you do too!
After using this duo I'm a convert and happily so!
Let me know what you think because you know I <3 hearing from you!!!


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