Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review+Swatches+LOTD: NEW Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss in Berry Lush

You know how most of my makeup is bought by my aunt who stays abroad, don't you? Aunt-my mum's sister...the one who has a presence in almost all my posts...Anyways, so last time she bought me this Estee Lauder Pure Color High Shine Gloss set which has 3 of Estee Lauder's Glosses and a compact mirror. Through this post I'm going to review the Shade Berry Lush and show you how the Pocket mirror looks like!

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First up, let me show you how the uber cool pocket mirror looks like. Please note that it's  in my favorite color purple! What's better is the snake skin kind of pattern. The top slides to the left to reveal the mirror inside. The mirror is super light and fits in almost any pocket of  all my handbags. It's my most favorite pocket mirror till date! <3

I think the set can be obtained off ebay for $19 approximately
individually the gloss is available for $18.50

The color which I am reviewing today is 03 Berry Lush. The size of the squeezy tube is 7ml. It has a slanted stip at the top which makes it super easy to apply evenly all over the lips and reach at all corners without making you falter!

The consistency of the gloss is quite thick but its not sticky to the extent that it makes you conscious. In fact the only thing it sticks to is your lips and doesn't cause your lips to stick together (LOL! I know some glosses which do! This isnt one of those.Thank God For That)

What the company claims- PRODUCT DETAILS
Magnify. Intensify. Electrify.

See how brilliant your lips can be. Pure Color High Gloss drenches lips in the ultimate in sheer, intensely hydrating color and shine. 

Exclusive True Vision™ Technology creates an irresistibly dazzling high-reflective finish that lasts and lasts. 
  • Cushions and moisturizes
  • Never feels sticky.
  • Enriched with skin conditioning ingredients and antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin C
  • Helps improve lip suppleness and softness
  • Exclusive True Vision™ Technology wraps pigments in crystal-like coating
  • Smooth, even pigments optically enhance lips          
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Slanted applicator follows every curve of your lips.
     True to its name, the color is that of a berry. Purplish with an undertone of brown. The above picture shows the pigmentation in daylight and inside a room. I think the gloss has a lot of great color to it because of which even my pigmented lips don't show through it. In the pic above I have not used any liner/balm/lipstick underneath.
    I think it makes my lips look plump even though it doesn't have lip plumping action!
    Staying power-The gloss sits easily for 4-5 hours after which it starts fading. Once it has started fading, you can still feel that it has left a very pleasant stain on your lips and appears as if you have applied a balm on top. In this picture you can see that some of the gloss survived a heavy meal and a cup of tea. (yes, the picture has been taken after a full meal) CAN YOU IMAGINE?

    • Love the pigment of the gloss
    • The staying power is excellent
    • It makes my lips look plum and healthy
    • It does hydrate my lips and keeps them moisturized
    • It has a nice sheen to it. (Once I removed the swatch from my hand I still had lil particles of shine on!)
    • It does leave a tiny bit of stain on tea cups but nothing you will notice at first and nothing which will make you feel embarrassed!)
    So the mirror and the gloss both make it to my favorites category. Let me know if you want me to review or swatch the other two glosses from this set!
    Have a good day and keep in touch!!!


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