Sunday, January 27, 2013

Want to get candid with me?

I came back from a rather eventful day and by the time I realized that I had promised you guys a post a day, the day had already passed....PHbbbtttt :P I'm sorry! Really! I am.

Anyways, so Dollie from Indian Shringar awarded me the Liebster award. My first award. (My butt is already shaking to gungum style in my PJs, even though I can hear some religious music in the background-somebody in my neighborhood better give their religious sentiments some relief! Grr....)
I had an awesome day, even though I had to wait an hour at the dietitian's/ I lost another kilo (butt shakes faster) and I utilized that hour to read another hundred pages of my current read!!!! To add to that I had an amazing time with my relatives at home and my favorite cousin, his gf (soon to be fiance) and I went for a night out! Totally rocking day and then this award! I'm on a roll (Dancie Dancie)

Anywho, so I was planning to post my FOTD (of the night though :P ) but I'll reserve that for tomorrow. You may still catch a snapshot of my face through my INSTAGRAM page hereNow for the questions I need to answer and my candid answerS!!!

You may find my answers quite twisted, but that's how I am-a person bound to explanations and introspection! Sigh...

1. Book or movie based on the book - whats your preference?
Ans- I think this should be quite simple. Had I not loved books, to me a movie based on a book would be as good as watching any other movie. Since I'm a lover of books my answer would be a book rather than a movie inspired by a book. Books help you reach the author's world of imagination even though the face of the characters, the images and the places are all your translation of his story; simply put, it's an inception of sorts.  Exceptions to this rule exist however. And those exceptions are-in cases where the book has been written in a language which I don't understand or where I don't like a book- in these instances I'd rather watch the movie!

2. A destination that tops your travel wishlist.
Ans-Hmmmm....You know I am a water creature really but I've grown up in the foothills. So I think it would have to be one of the two-which one I can't really say. Maybe a beach, because I hate winters...or the hills, I love the sweet tea so typical of a chilly hill-stay and roaming around on those long winding roads lined by deaodars, oaks, wild shrubs and perfect silence...Ah! the calm of that world away from a hill station maybe.or a beach! DAMN ME! Okay, so by the way you asked for a destination-well you see I love to travel and explore new places, but I'm not one of those who would say I want to go to Switzerland or Miami or Maldives or blah blah blah...I'd just love to travel and know as many places as I can through its people, ambiance, the life..anything and everything...Hmmm. you think I'm bad at answering questions, don't you??

3. Whats the oldest item in your closet?
Ans-I'm a sentimental fool, a keeper but I give away a lot of my clothes to my maid's children or people in need. The one thing I never give away are my mum's old belongings-her clothes which have been passed on to me-and those include mostly woolens.  Even when I've outgrown them, they keep me warm in my bed. In fact, right now I'm wearing one of the sweaters that my granny knit for my mum. I think this is one of the oldest items in my closet!

4. Smokey eyes or red lips....your preference?
Ans-Tough one, considering the fact that I do a fairly good job at smokey eyes and they are always in trend but then there has never been a classic like red lips. And I can only bow down to red lips and not have the audacity to choose smokey eyes over red lips. NEVER.

5. Heels or flats?
Ans-Heels. Hands down. Heels heels heels. They completely instill in me that self confidence of which I always need a dose. Heels my babies!

6. Are you a mountain girl or a beach girl?
Ans-if you read the answer to question 2 above you would not even want to go in this direction again ;)

7. Why did you start blogging?
Ans-Lets see. I was out of a job, had too much makeup, got to know that people like to read reviews of this stuff, appreciated other beauty bloggers, love creating new stuff- a painting, a short story, a poem, or even a collage and presumed that someone would be interested in my opinions!

8. Your favourite cuisine?
Ans-I'm  really a true blue punjabi and I'm on a diet. So I don't even let myself think about these things. Food as a favorite does not exist right now-its' merely a necessity (maybe a luxury at times), but definitely nothing to be favored!

9. If you're in a hurry and have time for just one beauty product, which one would you use?
Ans-I thought hard over this, and the first thing that came to my mind was my sunglasses. If that's not a product which you count as a beauty product then a lipstick for being as dynamic a creation as itself! It works on my lips, cheeks and even a creamy eye shadow at times. Good deal no?

10. A perfume you are currently loving? 
Ans-It would have to be David Beckham's Instinct (for men). Love the heady fragrance of a man's perfume-although this one belongs to me :*

BTW did you know that Liebster is a German word which means
1.sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

So here are the blogs to whom I pass on this award (dont hate me if you have more than 300 followers!)

You may answer the same questions!


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