Monday, January 21, 2013

A Note to no one in particular but myself

Recently on my trip to Delhi, in the middle of a midnight conversation with a few friends I realized that I had lost my zeal to enter into an argument. No, I don't mean an argument as a way of general retort that you throw in the sort of a tantrum, but a meaningful exchange of view points. In the year that passed by (2012) I have degenerated myself to become a self critical and utterly useless individual who lives in the peace of closed eyes. I have refused to know more about the world or to evaluate it or to come to terms with it in any which way; which is why I have become a non-argumentative Indian.

It is my resolve, much too late as it is (quite literally too) that I shall pick up my reading habit. To start off, I have picked up 'The Little Prince' which one of my new-found friends gifted me on my last birthday. I also wish to write more and research for the articles that I promise myself to indulge in. To add a lil charm to my promises to myself, I also hope to catch up with my drawing abilities and to dedicate more time to my blog-with at least a post a day!

Hoping to stick through, wish me luck!


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