Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review + Lip Swatches +FOTD: ADS Professional Makeup Pencil

On my last visit to my wholesaler (from whom I procured The NIKE BODY SPLASH reviewed here and The INCOLOR Eye-Liner PEN reviewed here) I was shown a unique makeup pencil from the Company ADS. I think I have heard about ADS from all these online stores which sell cheap nail art goodies and eye-shadow palettes. Right? Also, if I am right then ADS is a Belgium based company. IF I am wrong then please feel free to correct me! what's unique about this makeup pencil from ADS is the fact that it can be used both for the lips and the eyes. I remember that it was kept in a box with about 8-10 other similar pencils from ADS, but since I chose to have this single color, the piece cost me INR40/- (approximately, kindly excuse my memory. But I'm sure it was that or 60 :P )

Quantity: The Pencil comes in a 2.0gm packing and the picture shows the full length of the product. You have to swirl the pink roller at the lower end of the tube for the product to reveal. Love the packing!

Texture & Staying Power: The texture is super smooth. The pencil is easy to glide and comes off matte. You may use it alone-in which case the product will stay on your lips for a couple of hours. Also, it will somehow make your lips look sooooo much fuller!!! It does leave stains on utensils and comes off easily. But whats great is that with a single swipe you get full coverage and it doesnt make your lips dry nor does it settle in fine lines! On the eyes its like a creamy eye shadow which comes out super neat.
TIPS & Tricks:On the pic which is on the top right corner of the above collage you can see that it comes out unevenly. I have used it alone in the above pic without any balm, liner or lipstick. I think its great for parties and you may use it either with a good lip liner as a base-so that it doesnt come off easily. You may also use it as a full coverage liner under your favorite lipstick. I would top it with my Maybelline Berry Brilliant. It would look lovely!
I used it as a creamy eye shadow and blended it with my fingers. Love the pink on my eyes!

 I accomplished the following look with this ADS pencil. You can see that I have used it on my eyes lips and cheeks.
Base: Maybelline All-in-One
Lips: ADS Professional Pencil
Cheeks: ADS Professional Pencil
Eyes: ADS Professional Pencil, Maybelline Eye Studio eyeliner, Elle18 color sparkle in silver 

What I love this pencil most for?
  • It comes off as the most natural blush for cheeks-like those Himachali kids. Very matte+very sheer+no sparkle=very natural apple cheeks!
  • Its so damn cheap. At the cost of a lip liner you get product for cheeks, lips and eyes!
  • It always makes my lips look fuller.
  • Amazing color pay off!

You like???
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