Monday, January 21, 2013

NOTD: Revlon 161 Teak Rose

On Wednesday I was travelling to Delhi for an interview and decided to change my nail color from Violet (as supported here) to something which would be a little more formal.

Therefore, I zero-ed in on this lovely shade from Revlon which is the 161 Teak Rose Nail enamel. In India, I guess the shade goes by the number 422 and comes in 8ml bottle.

I got mine from the States and it is contained in a 14.7ml bottle. In India, 8ml costs INR140/-

Read on to know morE!

  • The pictures have been taken in the train and I fully utilized the winter sun to get a good picture. 
  • In this picture I have applied 1 coat of the nail enamel without a base coat or a top coat (as I was in a hurry to study for my interview)!
  • As you can see from my little finger and my middle finger, the nail enamel when applied in a single coat may come out a lil transparent as the consistency is smooth but liquid-y

  • The shade is true to the color in the bottle 
  • It is a warm color, not at all flashy and can be easily worn to work
  • The color is a warm pinkish/rosy with brown undertones which makes it very natural
  • Since I applied only a single coat without any top or base coat, it started to wear off from the tips but there was no chipping on other parts of the nail!

I wore this nail color with 2 coats (without a base and top coat) for 5 days and it remained in tact on my nails with only the tips of my fingers showing a very thin strip of nail underneath. Very thin, like negligible. The index finger on both hands had chipped a bit though (Very curious as to why these fingers only....Hm.....)


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