Saturday, January 12, 2013

4kgs down the drain + GYM OOTD

You know how I raved about my new nutrition program in my POST HERE, but I must also confess that being strict about your diet (alone) is not going to do any good for your body-especially if you don't move your muscles. There was a point in time when I was only gymming and yet not losing even a single kilo only because I was throwing all sort of trash inside my system on the pretext of it being food! Hmmm...
Read on to know what I do at the gym and why I think it is important to wear well fitted clothes to the gym!!!
So what am I doing at the gym these days?
 In the last few months I had been spending a couple of hours (more or less)/day at the gym. I had been combining cardio with strength training, because of which my body while getting toned was not losing weight. (it was also because I wasnt minding my eating habits).
In order to shed weight and not add muscle mass I am relying on cardio exercices. As such:
1. I spend a toal of 30 mins on the treadmill-first 7 mins are for warm up and brisk walking (since its really cold in chandigarh these days-i spend quite a lot of time as compared to summers on warm up), next 20 mins I jog at a speed of 7km/hour (I'm not too tall-as such, 7m/hr is quite a jog for me :) ), then I spend 3 mins on cool down and extra 2 mins I end up my session with a sprint @ 11km/hour!
2. Next, I either use the cycle or the cross-trainer for about 15-20 mins or if I have time-I just use both!
3. On alternate days, I do ab crunches(full) with 3 sets of 25 each!

NOW for my GYM OOTD:

I always carry my fav bag which contains my clothes, extra shoes and shower supplies etc. 

AS FOR WHY I think it's very important to wear well fitted clothes to the GYM:
LOL: Ok so it was supposed to be 'Bigger' n not 'bagger'! Apologies!!!

Do you think I make sense?
Leave a comment to let me know!!!!


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