Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Colorbar Obsessed Orange & Thrilling Pink+LOTD

Hello to all my Dear Desi Beauties (DDBs')!

This post will be a review of 2 lipsticks about which I had heard from more than half of the beauty bloggers in India. Most of these bloggers were raving about this lippies in a way which made my mouth water over them. As such, on my visit to Delhi Last year I could not resist the temptation to haul them. You may visit my HAUL POST here. Anywho, I instantly fell head over heels over these unique colors and had to buy them! I mean had to, had to, absolutely had to :)

This is how Obsessed Orange looks on my lips. The pics on the left are in my room (hence the greyish cast from the walls) and the ones on the right have been taken in sunlight!

Thrilling Pink on my lips!

Now about the lipsticks:
1.They come in 4.2 g packing
2. Give a matte finish
3. Cost INR 250/- each
4. They are easy to apply
5. The colors are unique and drool worthy-the must haves for 2012

1. They always dry my lips
2. Enhance fine lines
3. Look messy after a couple of hours (despite moisturized lips)
4. Lips look flaky

I use these lipsticks only on certain occasions when I have to go out for a couple of hours. I dont see myself buying these lipsticks again even though I'm totally in love with the colors :D


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