Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting Ready for a wedding: OOTD & OOTD :P

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

I'm so sorry for being late, but I was chilling in my hometown-no, I mean literally chilling. It's so fucking cold here in chandigarh-we might as well have snow in a couple of years! I wanted to share with you guys some of the outfits which I wore for my best friend's wedding and also for my cousin's wedding.

First up, let me start with the outfit which I wore for my best friend's sangeet ceremony and then repeated it on 29th December for my cousin's sangeet also! It's one of my favorite sangeet outfits because its green and has just the appropriate amount of detailing required from a pre-wedding outfit.
Generally I'm not the kinds who can support sleeveless outfits (there was a time when I used to wear only sleeveless clothes but ever since I gained weight most of it got stuck on my arms!) and I'm super glad that this anarkali came with sleeves even though they were see-through! Now you cant figure out but theres pink detailing on the upper portion and I'll show it to you in the next picture :)
I bought this suit from Meena Bazaar and the Heels are from Amore (from the house of Tata). The heels cost INR 5000/- but I purchased them on discount for Rs.500/- only. Can you beat it??? Ah! and that bag-I bought it from Kolkata :D

I supported two different FOTDs for the functions. On my friend's wedding I had the following look
It was a very natural day look with a lot of contouring and a lil bit of orangi-sh blush since it was daytime!

On my cousin's sangeet-which was at night, I supported the following look:

And a closeup of my eye makeup

Hope you enjoyed my look! I'll post the wedding outfit in the next post!!!

Do let me know about what you think!!! PLEASE ;)


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