Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Confessions: TOP 6 reasons why I'm working on my body


You guys know that I have been working on my body of late. Be it diet routine or my gym workout or what keeps me motivated, I've been trying to share all of it with you guys through my blog. However, I realized that to those of you to whom it matters-all my stories would not make much sense if you don't know how/where/when/why I got motivated at the age of 26 to really work on my body. 
So as the story goes, I'm 5'2" and on a recent trip somebody who met me for the first time nick-named me a "SHOTPUT". SHOTPUT. IMAGINE being nicknamed a SHOTPUT. That was the turning point of my life. But what helped me steer the wheel to take upon this beautiful weight loss journey?
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TOP 6 reasons why I'm working on my body


You guys know how this works right? Everyone from your boyfriend to your friends and parents as well as acquaintances feel that you are CUTE. Suddenly, it starts feeling as if being cute is everything but cute. The charm of the word cute slowly started creeping me out and before I knew it, it just flew out of the window like the skin of a banana from a local bus window. Finally, it felt like CUTE was a cuss word under cover.

Those of you who are on the chubber side probably know where I am going with this pointer; for those who don't-let me demonstrate:-

So I was in this point in life where my legs would not fold properly. It was difficult to fold them long enough-they would either just keep slipping off each other or they would form an angle (as shown on the upper left corner of the image above). I would look at slim/healthy people and be full of envy for they looked smarter  and more comfortable sitting the way they did (refer to image above and the lower middle corner). There's something so sophisticated about this stance than there is about folding your legs and instantly forming a 90 degree angle with both (refer to top right corner of image above).


My closet is always overflowing with clothes from different trends/seasons/styles/lengths etc. Nonetheless I could never find clothes that would fit me properly and I would end up thinking I have no clothes. I remember looking at dresses/tops which I would have bought with much pride and thinking that they were disgusting just because I could not get my arse to fit in them. My closet turned into this cloth shrinking magic machine and I really dreaded the fact.


I remember reading articles about the apt clothes for one's body type with soooo much fanfare just to be left confused in the end of each article. These articles told you what to wear if you had an hourglass figure or a rectangular one or if your bottom was lower which meant you were pear shaped or if your upper body was rounder-apple shape. For me, my entire body seemed to be oozing fat-my arms, my waist, my thighs everything. I was beginning to think that my only resort should be trench coats!


Till the time that I was in high school I loved wearing sleeveless tops so much so that I didn't own a single top with sleeves. Slowly all of that changed. Now I only own tops/garments/dresses which either have quarter sleeves or I wear something which can be layered with a shrug. GOD knows that I hate such clothes, but it's also true that I loved clothes that did not work for my body. I was clearly fed up with this truth.

I was the fattest among all my friends from school and college. I would tell myself (and sometimes announce to the rest of the world too) that these friends of mine were lucky that they had a better digestive system or that their body was like that or even that they had good genes. It came to a point where I started convincing myself out of sheer jealousy that all my friends would suddenly bloat up in middle age and look awkward whereas I would remain the same and look better off. I CANT STOP LAUGHING  aT THAT THOUGHT NOW. Back then I was a purple jealous monster and I needed to change that.

Now you all know what drives me to make better choices everyday. On days that I'm low maybe I will be able to get back to this post for motivation. I hope if you are someone who is facing tough choices then you will be able to take away something worthwhile from this post!

The drawings in this post are all mine except for images which I googled up.

Let me know what keeps you up and about!


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