Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Fa Whitening Deo Roll On

I remember when I was in school (probably in 7th grade) I had my first tryst with deodorants. You may think that's late though, but I am not a person whose sweat stinks. I mean I sweat a lot and all but I dont ya whatever. Anyways, what I also remember is at that time FA was a big rage among people my age. I think the brand had just launched its products in India and deodorants used to come in a cute tin can shaped packing. I just remember that I used to love the 'yellow' and I used it for a couple of years before I gave up on deodorants all together. However, of late I have been worrying about my dark underarms and hence I bought this cute lil bottle on my last trip to the retailer. Read on to know what I think about it :)

FA whitening deodorant comes in a bottle as a roll on and the company claims that it contains 0% alcohol and gives 24 hr protection. PRICE-INR105/- for 50 ml bottle.

Did you know that FA belongs to a German company by the name of Henkel which was founded in the year 1876? It took over Schwarzkopf in 1985.
Ingredients- listed on the pick above.

  • I love how the bottle has these grooves on either side which provide for a better grip. 
  • The packaging is a glass bottle which is hard to break (I have dropped it, by sheer accident, a couple of times in the shower and it didn't break!)
  • I'm not a smelly person, so I can't totally judge the claim, but if I put my nose to my underarm even after a gym session (when I have used this roll on) it does not smell ;)
  • I have been using the product for about 2 months (more or less) and I sincerely feel that it is making a difference in reducing the pigmentation of my underarms
  •  It has a very water-y consistency and hence the product gets soaked in the skin in a giffy
  • It feels moisturizing
Overall, I love the product because so far the whitening effect seems to be working for me. However, I have one tiny-lil concern that my under-ams might just be a lil sensitive to this roll on. (Ever since I started using this roll my under-arms have been a lil itchy-but that might be because of the winter clothing also!)

Take care!


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