Monday, January 14, 2013

OOTD: Matru ki Bijli!!!

Since I have already shown you my FOTD HERE; I thought I'll go ahead and share with you all my OOTD. As the story goes-I went out with my friends and we watched Matru Ki Bijli. Bijli looked quite emaciated in the movie (Tch!Tch!)-fortunately for me I don't look anywhere close to a Nazi camp dweller.HA! 
Anyways-so here's a question for you guys before we move forward-

WHAT PART OF MY OUTFIT DO YOU THINK IS A BRIGHT COLOR? (Is it the coat, the dress, or the shoes)

Any guesses???

 Except for my heels HAUL POST HERE, there isnt a single piece of clothing on me which I have bought myself! (Yes, that is the truth of this recently found jobless blogger girl! :(  )
Anywho, all the clothes as well as the bag (Featured here as well) are from the states-so I'm not going to go into the minute details of pricing and labels. I have posted the look so that you guys can create something similar if you are out of ideas for cool winter clothing and seriously wish to step out of your jeans!
The coat belongs to my mom and hence is a size too big for me, but I love it because its woolen and long! <3 The little black dress is a bit velvetty-lycra stuff and has a yellowish-gold sheen to it. I matched the shine of my dress with my heels and the undertone of my leggings with my coat!

Were you  guys able to guess correctly as to what part of my outfit was actually the brightest?
Don't forget that I'll be waiting for your response telling me whether you think I rocked the outfit or I just simply sucked at it!!!!
Keeping my fingers crossed :)


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