Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fitness Diaries: Finding your bones!

One of my best friends in high school who weighed about a 90kgs or more once told me (after she had lost a lot of weight and I seemed to have gained all that she had lost-we were meeting after more than 3 years), "It feels awesome to find new bones!"

 On my last visit to my dietitian which was only yesterday (Thursday), I realized that my weighing scale had not moved by even as much as a milligram since the last 3 days (I visited her on monday!). It was quite annoying and disappointing-especially because this is my very first month and technically speaking I'm supposed to be having the maximum amount of weight loss in the first month. To add to my woes I was amply sure that I had followed her diet to the hilt and was still feeling doomed. Because I was rushing to take my exam, I promised to visit her again on Saturday and discuss the matter at length. 

Here are a few things which might have caused me such discontent:
  • I had been missing out on my gym sessions-being on a diet is no excuse to not shake your booty ;)
  • I had been adding 'equal' to my teas/coffees- toned (milk) wont help if you are artificial(ly sweet)!
  • I was taking exams and was having sleepless nights-stress and lack of adequate sleep are one of the biggest culprits behind weight gain. Personally I have noticed that I tend to have very low metabolic rate on days when I dont get a good night's sleep.
Today I didnt miss my gym and am happy to announce that I finally am on my way to getting my stamina back-clocked 20 mins of jog on the treadmill! I'm also planning to hit the bed asap in order to face my fears and work towards my weight loss goal with a better spirit.

My dad maintains that it is important to love yourself and I think the last few lines of this message (above) really sum up my entire post.

And oh! By the By, I found a new bone poking through my shoulder (but just a little bit)!!! 

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Dont forget to tell me about your fitness stories through the comments section!

Much <3!!!


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