Monday, December 24, 2012

Aaaannnnndddd I'm back! And how I lost 2.5kg in 10 days!!!!

I'm so sorry you guys for disappointing you all-i didn't think that I'd be gone this long, but it just happened. I got an assignment and I was busy travelling; I think I covered the whole of punjab and for the first time really explored the interiors of the state (Yes, I was a lousy Punjabi up till now!) HA!

Anyways, so this was my first time visit to any sort of villages and I must say I was thoroughly entertained.

In the meanwhile, I hauled for clothing, some new makeup, and got loads of gifts from my aunt who was visiting from the states. I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am to share the reviews with you all. Also, I'm planning a giveaway in January-so stay tuned for that-It's going to be one hell of a giveaway of some of my favorite products!!!

Amidst all this halabaloo of attending a wedding function in Kolkata and then being on tour, I gained a lot of weight (I have a sweet tooth and was missing out on all the running that I love to do) I'm not a fitness freak, and I am a chubby girl. However, I have been gymming off and on from the time that I was 15. Now I must tell you that if you cant be regular at your gym, you wouldn't want to get your body used to it for a short while. Take up a sport instead or just go out and walk. 

My dad says it's our moral and social duty to look good and presentable in society. I have started to believe that he is quite right in his opinion!

Anywho...having preached too much already, I must tell you that I'm 26 and it has occurred to me (and THANK GOD for that) that at least for once in my life I would like to look fit and I mEAN sincerely look good without having to worry about what to wear and how to wear! I think its a getting old thing....hmmmm...

So anyways, I have been consulting this really famous dietitian and she has helped me lose 2.5 kgs in 10 days and in those 10 days I was travelling for 3 days and had to survive on out side food! So following are my tips on how you too can lose around 2-3 kgs in a few days so that you'll fit better in your dream dresses for new years!
  1. Start your day with fruits-I stick to apple, orange and guava for this season. You may take your pick but avoid chikoo and bananas;
  2. Do not cut down on milk-it serves as a laxative and keeps your digestive system working in good shape. However, do not add bournvita or sugar and its substitutes to it. Try adding coffee;
  3. There are free foods which you may have at all times (whenever you feel hungry)-these include fruits, green tea, regular tea and coffee-all 3 sugarless and milk and soup. Remember no juices-not even fresh juice and no outside soup. Have clear soup if you must.
  4. Some culprits look harmless-eg corn, wheat, tang, rice, potato, peas and carrot! 
  5. Substitute regular wheat rotis with roti made with 50% bran and 50% wheat;
HMMMM...I think that's most of it-but I shall keep you updated with more tips so that u too are able to join me in my journey to fitness! This shall be my Christmas gift for all of you!

Lots of <3 to all my missys' and a MERRY CHRISTMAS :D


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