Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Ready For a Wedding: Day function OOTD & FOTD

Naaah! Of Course you are not having eye trouble, it's just a blurred picture that I have put up to tease you. I know, it's just a lil mean of me- but I wanted to catch your attention without revealing the details of my OOTD.



I wore this outfit for a day function at my friend's wedding. The function (in bengali) was called 'aai budo baath' which is a lunch hosted by the bride's parents one last time before she marries off!

Needless to say my OOTD was a litttlllllleeeeeeeeeee over the top for a bengali gathering of 40 people but it was festive and got me in the mood for the wedding nonetheless! PHbbbtttt :P

So anyways, for a closer look at the work on the kameez
I had bought the material from Meena Bazar and had gotten it stitched from my boutique. I personally love the color of the suit but some people might find the PINK over the top. Anywho, I paired it with my overtly high heels from AMORE which were originally available for INR5000/- but I bought them at a discount for INR500/-. CAN u BEAT IT? They are almost 5 inches or so!!!!
These pictures are from the Navy Guest House in Calcutta!

Check my arm candy-from my DIWALI OOTD (Same)
Ring- I bought it a couple of years back from a Silver Shop in CP, New Delhi for 1500/2000 INR or some such. It is beautifully crafted and looks like a real diamond ring. I saw a similar ring at a silver shop in the basement section of Esplanade in Calcutta.
Brooche- Its a flower shaped brooche which you can spot near my left shoulder. I love brooches, and I am building my collection slowly. Will showcase it soon!
On my nails: I didnt get time to change my nail polish as we girls had a bachelorette party the previous night! But you can check out MY NOTD HERE!

I had curled my hair the previous night after the bachelor's party and had slept with the rollers on! I used my Giovani Mouse Foam to set them in place!
This pic is with flash and my friend took it at the venue. I had used Faces Foundation and Maybelline ClearGlow ALLinONE as a base!

Hope you like it. Do leave your comments 


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