Sunday, November 11, 2012

NOTD: nail design for chipped nail paint

Have you been washing your hands an awful lot lately?

Are the festivities costing you your perfect nails?

What is that? Savita bai's nailpaint looks dapper than yours?

Wish to re-do your nails without having to deal with the same nail color?

Got a problem picking your favorite nail paint?

If the answer to any of the above is a Yes, then read on...

Now you must all know that this is not my original idea and I saw this NOTD a few weeks ago at the Beauty Department and I must admit-it looks Tu Bledy Cewl ;)
(Excuse my rather tired looking hand)
I had tried to do this NOTD once earlier but had failed miserably. 
So what do you need to do in order to succeed?
First up, take a little bit of nail polish remover in a pan or nail art palette. I dont own a nail art palette. so I just used a cap! Oh! And when I say a little bit, I jut mean a couple of drops-not more.
Next, choose from your favorite colors of nail paint. You may choose one or more colors-as per the length of your nails. I chose 2, both from Flormar. I already had a beautiful coral on my nails (you may remember it from my NOTD here)
Then, you add a drop or 2 of your 1st pic on to the drops of nail polish remover which you have taken in a pan/cap/palette. Cover the nail polish bottle (lest you want it to dry!)
The paint which you have diluted with the nail polish remover is all you are going to need for all your nails.
Just make sure that you have diluted it to a very thin consistency. Cause the last time that I tried this NOTD, I didn't care to dilute-the result was that the NOTD never quite dried up and I had to take it off!
Anyways, just take whatever you have in your palette and start applying it to your nails taking care that you don't cover your entire nail! Leave a little space at the base of your nail so that the previous color has space!
I would recommend you use an opaque nail paint for this purpose, because you really would want the color to show up once you have diluted the color!
Also, dont bother yourself with getting perfect lines-it looks just fine without them!


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