Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting Ready for a wedding Part 4: EOTD Adele Inspired Day Look

As I was getting ready for my gym session today in the evening, I was also hurriedly catching in on all the drama which was happening in Grey's Anatomy. (Did I ever mention being a keen follower of the soap; Random Fact-It so happens that I mostly like hospital related series, no wonder then that I almost became a doctor~!) Bleh! Anyways, so meanwhile my mind was also loitering around, looking for all the natural yet eye catching eye makeup looks and that's when I happened to catch Dr.Addison Montgomery's (Kate Walsh) Eye Makeup. Very Sexy I must say! Hmm...I would describe it as a rundown version of Adele's eye makeup. For the uninitiated, here's how both of them look:

 (I have shamelessly copied both the images from google)

(My sincere apologies to the owners of these images.)
Left: Kate Walsh, Rght: Adele

Now, I'm going to give you a step by step guide on the look that I created (which is inspired by both the above mentioned looks)
(Click to enlarge)
Step 1: Moisturize your eyes and prime your lids ( I'm using the elf eye primer in the pic above)
Step 2: Cut three strips of cellotape
            apply the first horizontally starting from your inner eyebrow and ending parallel to the point where the    
            arc of your eyebrow begins. 
            Apply the second strip of cellotape beginning right above the place where the first starts and ending   
            parallel to the outer corner of the eyebrow
            Apply the third stip where the second ends and let it lie horizontally.
            (For clearer guidance refer to picture used for Step 4)
Step 3: Use a slightly nude/pinkish eyeshadow and dab it all over your lids with the help of an eyeshadow 
Step 4: Apply a dark brown eyeshadow on your upper eyelids, just below the cellotape with the help of an
            eye contouring brush; Apply the same shade to the lower lash line in order to add dimension.
Step 5: Remove the cellotape and you will find that a natural arc has formed over your upper eyelids
Step 6: Use the same cellotape (if you wish) and apply the first over the outer corner of your eye and the 
            second just below your outer corner-as shown in the pic. Your aim is to form a triangular shape.

(Click to enlarge)

Step 7: Apply your favorite liner in the triangular area created between both the cellotapes and then gently 
            remove the tape
Step 8: Choose a very dark brown eyeshadow and apply it a little over the crease of your eyebrown but
            beginning at the upper corner of the lighter brown shade used earlier (This step will add depth/
             dimension to your eyes)

Next, curl your lashes, apply the highlighter on the inner corner and the brown bone area and apply mascara. Dab on a white/skin colored(according to preference) on the lower lash-line and the following image is how tour eye will look...

(Click to enlarge)

CLEARLY, We Are Not Done Yet!
So we extend our liner to the inner corner of the eye and while we are at it, we thicken our liner -just a teeny tiny bit. And what do we get?>

And the Final Look Up Close:

Do let me know how you think this look turned out to be and whether you think it resembles what I wanted to achieve! I shall be wearing this EOTD for the maiden lunch at my friends wedding because this EOTD adds dimension to the eyes without playing around with color. Because of this reason, one can easily team it up with their favorite lipstick!


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