Monday, November 12, 2012

OOTD: Shopper's Stop,The Perfect look for your man :)

So you want your guy to dress up for Diwali, but he just wants to relax on the one holiday he has got?

Your guy agrees to dress up for your sake but you want his look to compliment yours?

He has enough suits,  but you don't want him to end up looking like a corporate junkie?

He has got one lame Sherwani, but that's too tacky to keep anyways?

Fret not chicas, I have the perfect look for your guy-one he is not going to fret about and also a look which is going to compliment This OOTD for you !

Let's have a break down of what all I chose!

PRICE-INR 1099/- (for the full set)

I think men look 'Oh So hot in a white kurta pyjama'. Is the punjab air getting to me or do you girlies agree too?

I removed the pyjama (LOL! NOT really!) and added these trousers. Jeans are too casual and the pyjama is too night suit-ish!  No regular fits for this look please!!!!!

PRICE-INR 1050/-
stainless steel band
I think this ring really compliments the look, being in conformity with the trousers. 

PRICE-INR 9995/- 
My <3 for big round watches can never die! This one would compliment the watch I gave you in this OOTD for you. I find this watch super sexy also because its not bulky and has tones of grey and white...Colors to go with the outfit and otherwise with all kinds of formals!

PRICE-INR 1599/-
Last but not the least, please dont let him wear sports shoes just because its his 'off' day! and no formal shoes either. PUHLEASE!!!! Also, no rubber/bathrooom slippers-EWWWWWWWW. These sexy sandals would do-they aint bulky and they are just rad~:P Okay, I have a thing for men's feet (only if they are well maintained, or at least seem to be :D )

Final look once again?

like it? Not so much? Hate it?
Just let me know!!!
Oh BTW! its my second entry for indiblogger shoppers stop contest


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