Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Faces Canada Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black

Do you guys remember My October Haul where I bought this Eye Liner by Faces (Canada)? At that time I was not aiming to buy a black liner, but because I was running out of Kajal I mindlessly swatched a few liners including those from Chambor, Maybelline and Lakme. The swatch for this liner instantly yelled 'PICK Me UP' and I just couldn't resist the temptation :D

PRICE: 249 INR (I bought it for 229 INR)
Shelf Life: 2/12-8/14
Net Weight: 1.15g
(Click on image to enlarge) (To know what I am wearing on my nails, click here)
In this picture, on the left Faces has been written with one stroke of pencil, upper line has been drawn with a single stroke and the face has been drawn with a very very light hand. The Lower Line has been drawn with 2 strokes.
On the Right is the effect after rubbing the swatch more than 4-5 times!

Then I took the swatch under water and this is how it looked:

I rubber it 8-10 times and this is what happened:

I rubbed another 8-10 times and this is how it looked:

I used some olive oil and clinique makeup remover and rubbed it some more and this is what happened:

Isn't it amazing?

1. Creamy, easy to apply
2. Very Dark, single application is enough
3. Long lasting, lasts an entire office day (or more)
4. Suits sensitive eyes  and oily lids (just dust some compact powder over your lids before application)
5. Can be used on your outer and inner eyes
6. Smudge proof and water proof

1. Because it is extremely creamy, it is difficult to sharpen it to get a thin tip. Happened to me today, although I have sharpened it a couple of times before and at those times it did not break. Today it did! (Anyways, dont sharpen it too much, for precise application use with the help of a thin angular brush!)

Overall: I Absolutely Love the eyeliner and will cry if the company discontinues the product. I'm totally sold on it and my eyeliner standards have risen. ;)
Do you want to check some of the looks where I have been wearing this liner?


  1. Wow fantastic review n pictures! This is a must buy :)

  2. nice review,,:)
    i have four of them and absolutely love them for their texture and staying power !!

    1. Niesha, 4?! seriously?? Although I'm having this feeling that I'm not going to be able to resist buying other colors next time I see them around!

  3. awesome review girl!! i have these in the shades Turquoise blue, forest green, Navy Blue, Metal Brown including this Black and i love all of them...:D

    do check out the other colors too... :)

  4. I am seeing this review now!! I love Solid black from faces too!!! I use an angular brush to take off the product, it helps for better application. great minds think alike huh hehe

    1. True that!!! It has one sad point though- it's so creamy that after each application I have to sharpen the pencil- ends up really soon!



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