Saturday, November 10, 2012

OOTD: Shopper's Stop Perfect look contest- Festive Look punjabi style ;)

With only a few days left for Diwali we all have been brainstorming and almirah-crashing in order to find that perfect dress which would settle us in the festive spirit. 
Want to find your comfort zone even while dressing up?
Feel like playing with colors but dont want to end up looking like a Diwali anar (bomb)? ;)
Want to find the perfect combination of chic bling?
Don't feel like parading around in the routine/mundane Diwali suit/attire?

Fret not my friend, I have the perfect solution for you!
I am a member of and received a mail informing me about a fun contest which indiblogger is hosting in association with Shopper's Stop ! As per the guidelines of this contest I had to create the perfect festive look. Now in order to create this look I have taken a cue from my own dressing style and how I would be dressing up this Diwali. This is a day look which can be carried for the night time as well. (I'll explain the how's and whys' as we move into this post)

Costs INR 1399/-
Classy Factor: Detailing on the neck and the cut
Now the reason why I chose this white tunic is because I think white in itself is indicative of purity and while you are sitting for your diwali puja-this would be a nice color to wear. Keeping that in mind I wanted to opt for a tunic with my patiala salwar as opposed to a regular kameez. The reason is the lovely fusion which one can create. (I personally always wear a tunic with my oh-so-heavy patiala salwars.) Remember how Kareena wore a long t-shirt with patiala salwar in Jab We Met? The long garrish t-shirt made it seem like nightwear and hence this tunic. 
Price-INR 599/-
Material-Cotton Mul Mul
Style-Patiala Salwar (to add the punjabi touch)
What's your favorite girlie/festive color? Mine is pink! So what better way to add that much needed color to an outfit than to wear a huge pink patiala salwar. Adding it to the tunic, creates the perfect fusion look!

Price-INR 2399/-
Fabric- Cotton
Style Factor-Floral Print
Because our look is turning out to be high on the classy factor yet needs a little bit of a facelift so that it can look a little more dressed up, I am adding this waist coat with lovely pink flowers detailing-something which would look uber cool with the pink patiala! Also, this waist coat ensures that I can do away with the chunni. Now The chunni would have rendered the look more traditional as opposed to fusion-and chunnis in general are really risky during diwali; hence, no chunni!

Price-INR 1699/-
Style Factor- Comfortable heel 
A lil bit of heel never kills a lady. The reason why I chose these is 
1. comfortable heel
2. the white color-perfect to compliment our white tunic
3. the flower detailing-perfect to compliment our waist coat!
4. You always wish for a slip-on/slip-off pair on Diwali, don't you? I mean with all the running around, you just need a pair which you may slip off without having to use your hands.
Price-INR 975/-
All of us girlies need to carry our makeup, car keys, shaguns etc in one place and hence I'm adding this silver clutch which is simple and trendy. Also, I'll be keeping all accessories in Silver-so that you can razzle, dazzle and shine without looking like an "AUNTYJI-AUNTYJI' (get up and dance) Had to say that! Lol!
PRICE-INR 5300/-
Style Factor-the festive bling!
My watch is one accessory without which I cant step out of the house! Yes it has to be white! I love round, white watches. I Lourveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 them! This one from Guess has the perfect bling factor for the festive season. Something which will dress up your outfit!

PRICE-left INR4360/-, right INR 1880/-

Now I hope all of you know that a watch without arm candy is a fashion crime!
PRICE-INR 11246/-
Do you guys remember how pretty preity zinta looked in the whole punjabi getup in Veer Zara. If you remember that, how can you miss out on the nose ring! I got my nose pierced right after watching that movie!
PRICE-INR 26605/-
Since the theme is festive, we need more bling with similar color as that of our patiala! DONT BLAME ME-you really want to get dressed up. The other reason why I chose these is because it has a floral pattern like our nose ring and also because we cannot see too much gold-which is good-cause we dont want to have a conflict with our  silver arm candy! :P

Thats that for my look and here's having a look at it in its entirity

Leave a comment to let me know what you think about this look!


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