Friday, November 23, 2012

Calcutta diaries: Part 1, Haul

Whenever I visit anyone's blog, I get most excited about the haul posts. As such, I must start my Calcutta Diaries with a haul post of everything I bought from the city. Also, as you all know I have been under the weather, therefore I might not be able to explain too much! However, if you require any specific details don't hesitate to post your queries in the comments section and I shall get back to you!


Let's begin with B.K. Market

Before going to Calcutta I had seen many a blogger friends post about their ultra cool bags/shoes/clothes etc. all bought from B.K. Market! How could I miss it then??? So on my very first day in Calcutta (which was relatively free) I asked my Friend Shreya from the famous Alok & Shreya's (boutique in Calcutta) to guide me to B.K. Market. 
DIRECTIONS:The Market is quite close to Park Street and is situated on Theater Road. I was expecting it to be somewhat like the Colaba cause-way, but it's an A.C. Market and you cannot figure out whether it really is a market or just a showroom from the outside. There is however a small board which reads NEW B.K. Market at the entrance. I aint sure whether this is "the" B.K.Market that everyone raves about, but I quite liked it!!!

So first up, the bags!

This Faux snakeskin satchel bag is the first satchel that I own. It comes with two compartments inside and the length of the strap is good enough for me although I would not like to hang it across my body as it is not long enough. There's an additional tiny strap at the upper part -in case you want to hold it in your hand! I love this bag <3
I cant quite tell you what material the bag is made of, because it is toooooooooooooo Blooody Damn Soft for anything. When I touched the material of this bag I was drooling all over it!!! I think they had an beige color in this one!

Now both the bags have been bought from a lady whose shop is located on the ground floor opposite the steps leading to the basement of B.K.Market. I bought these for INR1500/- (for both)! I think the price is quite reasonable; you may try your bargaining skills if you think differently!

Next up, the shoes
I bought these from a corner shop at the basement! Unfortunately I have already thrown the bag which had the name of the shop imprinted on it! So once you enter the basement you take a right and then a right again. You'll find yourself passing through a very congested lane (about as long as a booth). A man would be selling shrugs and tops in that lane and then you reach a clearance and the first big shop which you are facing-sells clothing and shoes and that's the one I'm talking about! ;) If anyone knows what I am talking about, please let me know the name!!!

I bought the shoes for INR 1700/- (for both the pairs)
Again I think its quite reasonable but if you want to correct me, please feel free to leave your comment!

Now, one of my friends who was accompanying me visits Thailand a lot and she said she thought most of the goodies in B.K. Market were from Thailand. I kind of believed her, because she was searching for a pair of shoes no.42/44 and she could not find a single one! Anywho, I have not been to Thailand, so I ain't complaining!

Overall, I believe that B.K.Market can be your shopping destination is you are looking for fashion footwear, bags and clothing. If not, then it might not be the place for you. Stock in bags is limited to 2-3 colors per style (which I like) and the bargaining (for me atleast) was only INR100/- per piece. If you are from Kolkata and/or have loads of time and/or are a frequent visitor to the market you might be able to bargain better.Please leave a comment if you have bought shoes/bags etc for better rates for the goodies mentioned above!

So I'll leave you guys with a lame-arse pic of me where I'm carrying the green bag and wearing the Yellow/Mustard (?) shoes! Please take note that I was running a fever and my friend dragged me to Saket Citywalk! So here's how crazy I looked!
Clearly my friend's gonna kill me if she sees this pic. She was not posing-only wondering what I was up to! Ha HA! Oh and the loafers which you see on her were also bought from B.K. Market for INR 350/- I believe!


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