Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting Ready for a Wedding Part 1:Review Biotique Revitalizing anti fatigue eye gel and how to get rid of dark circles

So before you jump to any sorts of conclusions and start congratulating me, I just want to state that I am not planning on getting married anywhere in the near future (although the fact that everyone around is so set/anthusiastic to get married is getting me a bit curious and anxious to jump into the bandwagon) RONDOM USELESS THOUGHT. Anyways, so far as the title of this blog-post goes, one of my best friends from law school is getting married on 17th November and as I'm preparing for her wedding I think that it would be a good time to share all my health/beauty/fashion concerns/cures/remedies with you guys. 

In the first part, I have decided to talk about under eye dark circles/puffiness and how I have been taking care of my under eye concerns. I know I really tend to crib about my under-eye problems but it is also true that I dont have a major problem, although I have really started getting conscious of taking care of the same. I believe that your eye makeup can really make or break a look, and if you don't pay heed to your under-eye concerns then no concealer will be able to act like your fairy god mother!

Without further ado, here is a list of things I have been doing in the past few weeks to address my under-eye problems:

1. Limited use of Kajal: In India, kajal/eye liner is one of the first cosmetics which a girl learns to use and tends to over-indulge in. In fact, if you roam the streets you will figure that most women wear eyeliner most of the time irrespective of their age, the look that they are carrying,and the situation. Not that I have anything against this trend but i believe that many a women get swayed in a kind of cult following for kajal/liner. Which is not wrong per se. However, here are a couple of things which most of us ladies should keep in mind:
  • use a smudge proof eyeliner/kajalNot all dark circles are dark circles!  I swear I'm not lying about this. I have seen many of my friends crib about dark circles when they actually have none! Did you ask how? I mean, most girlies tend to use kajal incessantly and in the hoard to get the most desired deep/dark/tightline(d?) eyes they will buy kajal pencils off the rack and keep applying and re-applying it throughout the day without even trying to clean up their eyes first. With so many layers of eyeliner/kajal doing the rounds, you sure enough have dark circles ;)
  • always make sure to clean your eyes: To most of us cleaning our eyes means splashing some water and to a select few it means washing your face :D Trust me, you my dear are highly mistaken. If you do not wish to buy yourself a eye-makeup remover, just get your hands on a bottle of olive oil and some q-tips. Dip the q-tip in olive oil and gently (VERY GENTLY) use it on your eyes to remove all traces of any makeup/kajal/liner that you have. Do this without fail, every night!
2.Check your diet and drink lots of water: I know this might sound like a granny's advice but it works. The food that you eat has a direct impact on your skin and your health. Cutting down on processed food really is the key to solving all skin problems. However, if you are a sucker for processed food, then it is advisable that you have buckets full loads of water in order to help your body cleanse away your system of toxins. If you can, make it a habit to drink luke warm water which does the job in a better manner.

3.Get your allergies tested: Sometimes some foods are not conducive to your body needs. When I was in Bombay, my health was going for a toss and no matter how much I worked out or took care of my body, nothing seemed to make me feel better on the outside and the inside! Once I returned to chandigarh, my cousin who is a doctor advised me to get a checkup of my allergies. It turned out that my body does not accept/is allergic to some of the healthiest foods in town. Which means that these food dont get digested in my body and lead to toxicity and health concerns. For eg. I'm allergic to lemon, grapes, yeast etc. The point is, if you are doing everything in your power to take care of your under-eye concerns and nothing is helping your case then there can be a under-lying issue of allergies.

4.Get on a diet if you have to, but take care of the vitamins: Probably your body needs you to curb on some foods to get back into shape or you just need to get your health back, so I'm not going to debate about diets with you. However, what I do to curb side-effects of dieting is to always have my regular dosage of multi-vitamins, minerals and also fish oil!

5.Always use an under-eye gel: I was not an under-eye gel person until recently and once I've started using under-eye treatment I know the difference it makes. Make sure to moisturize your eyes every night before you go to bed if you do not want to go for a specially designed under-eye cream gel. Use fish oil if nothing else :) ALSO, get some sleep :D

REVIEW: Biotique Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Quantity 0.7 oz/ 25g
Genre: Therapeutic not cosmetic
Shelf Life: 3 years

How I use this product: I use a liberal quantity of the gel on each of my eyes and slightly move the gel around my eye with my ring finger. The company wants you to pat the product, but since I use a huge amount, I feel its okay to swirl it with my ring finger, because the quantity of gel that i use doesn't allow direct touch of my finger with my eye area. This does not cause any stretching of the sensitive skin around my eye.

How often do I use it? The company suggests you use the product day and night. I, however use it everytime I wash my face. Which means, once every time I wake up, go to bed, go to the gym, return from the gym :) Basically I use it at all times whenever I can get my hands on the gel.

Experience: I am quite happy with this product. As soon as I apply this gel it imparts a cooling sensation to my eyes. In the 2 weeks that I have been using it, I can feel a difference in my under-eye area. The dark circles have reduced and the puffiness has subsided. It has restored moisture in my skin. Initially when I started using the gel I didnt realize that my eyes were dry but as soon as I started using this product I came to terms with it because every time that I used the gel the area around my eyes would burn a little. Over a period of two weeks, that sensation has gone away (thanks to this gel) and now my eyes just feel moisturized.

Overall, I have taken care of all the pointers mentioned above (for addressing under eye problems) along with using this gel and it has really helped my case. Now, it should be realized that when it comes to skin concerns no single product is going to make a difference and you will have to take care of your health in general before you notice any changes. So I would say that for me this gel has been useful in my journey to more beautiful eyes :)

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  1. Hey, I'm a new follower of ur blog :)
    Really nice post..will try out the biotique gel though even estee lauder and clinique havnt been able to help my dehydrated under eye area.
    Do chk out my blog http://indianshringar.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks a lot dollie :) I shall check your blog right away!



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