Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIWALI outfit and FOTD

Finally I'm home and free. I just want to give you guys a quick update about what I was wearing... So without further ado, let's just quickly jump to the pictures; I will have to start with my packing after this and hence this will be a picture heavy post! :)

I will begin with a random picture clicked in my parents dressing room. I think the color co-ordinated dresses looked really pretty. Love my mum's hair in this pic!
 The next couple of pictures are again from my parent's room, I was just passing time while my mum was getting ready to go visit my various aunts!
I'm wearing my white chicken(?)/chiccan patiala salwar and a kameez which is more like a Kurta. The embroidery and stitching has been done by my boutique.

I kept the look very very simple cause I had a lot of running around to do.
These shoes my friend bought for me as a gift a couple of years ago. I think we spotted these red beauties at Catwalk, Bandra.
This watch is my favorite and I bought it from Delhi 3-4 years back. It's a white leather strap esprit watch which I had bought from my first internship salary! The arm candy on either side my mum got from the states. 

And now for the EOTD

 And the FOTD

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