Friday, October 19, 2012

'Buy in Coins' HAUL/ September HAUL

Maybe God had a clue about how distressed and gloomy I would get today if I were to see everyone's post on their respective Vellvette Boxes for October and not have a parcel to call my own! (I have no one to blame but my lazyness-for not ordering the Vellvette Box in time!) Check last month's box here

Yesterday I was cribbing over my lost ASOS package and called up a hundred different post offices around my area; my dad was a witness to it...He was laughing at my face but I guess he felt quite sad for me. So while I was busy with my siesta, he walked into my room with a huge parcel murmuring something (YEs, everyone in my family talks to me while I am sleeping...its ODDD, ahhh CRAZY, i mean WEIRD Odd!)

Anywho this is what it looked like

Initially when I saw it, I thought my prayers had been answered and my lost ASOS package has been delivered....but that wasn't so. And have been waiting for a couple of packages other than the ASOS one, so I was confused about which one this was & to be honest I really dont even remember properly what all had I ordered and from which site-cause I ordered these goodies in end September....

To cut the chase, this beauty came from ''. I ordered a total of three products. Following are the details of the transaction
1. Order confirmation and payment=29th September, 2012
2. Order dispatched= 30th September
3. Order received= 19th October (20 days!!!)
4. Total Cost=$15.43=INR847.32/-

12 Color 3D Paint Pen UV Gel Acrylic Nail Art Polish, PRICE= $6.18 

I dont have any stuff for nail art actually; I only keep tonnes of nail polishes and keep experimenting with them. So I thought this would be a good start!

New Professional 15 Concealer Camouflage Makeup Palette, PRICE=$4.14 

You know how hard it is to find the right shade of concealer, RIGHT? and to top that I dont even own a rainbow concealer paletter-I mean the color corrector wheel... So when I chanced upon this palette I could hardly keep myself from drooling...What's more, it's really matte and comes with darker shades for contouring-unlike all those contour palettes which get sold in India but are really Bronzers and not for contouring. 
Oh and I have placed it alongside some miscellaneous stuff to give you an idea about the size!

10 Color Makeup Cosmetic Blush Blusher Powder Palette, PRICE=$6.13 
 This baby was a total steal, with the variety and size of blushes that it offers....SO GOOOODDDDDD :)
 I know! One was broken-for no fault of the company...I mean they had all the bubble wrapping and thermacoal sheets and all going on...probably the package got thrown quite a lot :( NEVERMIND-its not even 1 whole its just 1/2 of one shade!

I used some random coupon code from the internet and got 5% discount on first purchase!

Overall, I'm totally loving the experience and will shop for more-for SURE!


  1. wow this is all quite reasonable :)
    enjoy ur stuff :)

    1. True that! Although it's not branded but quality wise it looks superb!

  2. amazing stuff! My 88 eyeshadow palette is from buyincoins too.

  3. the concealer palette looks really good. so you are happy now :)

    1. Yeah I'm relieved that at least one package has reached me. I mean first med plus beauty and then ASOS- I was starting to feel I'm doomed!

  4. Ahh that camouflage palette has really got me interested :)...take heart girl..I've lost 4 packages till date! have sworn off buying stuff from intl websites!

    1. It is superb, was trying it out right now...will review soon with a FOTD; 4 packages????? :O GOD! That sucks! let me know about the sites so that I dont place orders from them!!! So tell me, is there any chance for my ASOS package to ever show up???????

  5. Just for 850 bucks you have got amazing stuff.:) i am following you too.
    let me know if they accept debit cards or only the credit ones.:)

    1. True that!

      Thank you :)

      They accept payments through paypal-which means if you have a paypal account you may pay via your debit or credit card. I did not use the paypal option, so I just paid via my credit card!



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