Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update: Vellvette Box

Remember how I told you about the launch and goodies of the Vellvette Box here ?

Do you also remember that my clinique lipstick/gloss seemed to be a lil under the weather and how I thought it must have been dismantled during delivery? WELL... I wrote to the vellvette team informing them about the mishap and guess what???

They called back to let me know that they will have a person from the courier company pick it up from my place and send me a new one in return!!!! I MEAN HOW COOL IS THAT?

Also, all of this will be done in another 2-3 days!!!

Now I must say I'm damn impressed and super appreciative of their efforts and services. KUDOS to the team and a big big THUMBS UP!

Have you ladies ordered your Vellvette Box yet? Please leave a comment with a link of what you got and what you think about the Vellvette Box! (I would love to see!)


  1. Hey I am gonna order mine today :D :D LEt us wait for our velvettte boxes..

    1. I was a lil skeptical when I ordered mine-this was my first time with a beauty box and I wasn't sure about the size of the products and all of that; but NOW I'm sure your box wont leave you disappointed. I know some people who even got mascaras! (I really wish I had one in my box too :P) I know I'm just being a bit greedy! LOL



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