Monday, October 22, 2012

NOTD: Spring Blossom

This is my first successful experiment with nail art, I hope you like it!

You guys know how excited I am about my Buyincoins Haul....and one of the products featured there was my 3D nail art pen kit-which is my first nail art tool of any sort, ever! So today in all my excitement I declared to my mom that I shall do her nails and she was quite excited about the prospect cause I have been showing her all sorts of nail art designs in the past.... To come to the point, what ensued was 2 hours of misery the first half hour of which I spent in perfecting the base coat. What I did with these UV gel pens is something my 3 year old cousin would do with ease albeit in a better manner ;) Needless to say, my mum took it off about half an hour later of contemplating whether to hurt my feelings or go to office with nails like that :P 

Determined to make it up to her, I browsed some YouTube videos, looked at some random extremely difficult nail art pics and then concluded that it was going to be a challenge to my artistic side. I dont have nail art brushes and such others, yet I found stationary items which would aid me through the process. 

I'm going to surprise my mom with this new technique tomorrow morning and I'm keeping my fingers crossed even as I go to bed. One last look, shall we?
    Like it? Abhor it? Want me to do a tutorial? Anything else??? Just leave a comment down below!!!



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