Sunday, October 28, 2012

EOTD: Festive Eyes With a twist/ Reverse Eye LOOK

As I browsed through myriad hues in paint-books trying to decide on which color should be done on what wall of my parent's home in Chandigarh, it struck me that I was planning to participate in the WISESHE Festive Eye Makeup Contest  (chech HERE).... to cut the long chase short, here is the look that I came up with.....

So I wanted to use my favorite color-purple and incorporate a sense of festivity by playing with hues of pink. At the same time, I did not feel like doing the 'same old' smokey eye. I wanted to come up with something different...something truly worthy of the fabulous giveaway prizes!

First, lets start with the products I used:

1. Elf 150 eyeshadow palette
2. Faces Eyelash Curler
3. Professional Contour Palette
4. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold
5. Elf Volume Pumping mascara
6. Elf Eyelid Primer
7. Maybelline clearGlow All in One
8. Scotch Tape
9. Faces Kajal
10. Maybelline Vivid smooth Liners in Grey and Purple
11. Makeup brushes from elf!

  For the swatches of the colors used:

Here's the look
Without Mascara/Checking pigmentation :)

With Mascara

How is this look different, did you ask? HERES HOW:
1.As you can see, I have made it into a reverse eye makeup look whereby the outer portion of the eye is light and the inner portion is dark. 
2.Moreso, the inner portion is extended towards the nose whereas the outer portion does not extend towards the end of the eyebrow
3. The black eye liner does not extend towards the outer end, instead it forms a cat eye in the inner end!

One final Time

I plan to wear this look in the Night, for an evening dinner and for an outing to the club with my friends/cousins! OH! also, I have featured fake lashes in the pic, I have not used them because it would make the look too heavy!

Please please please let me know how you like my look and also vote for me when the time comes! I'm not on facebook and twitter so am unable to promote myself through such medium. If you are, then please do share the link with your friends and help me get atleast a few votes. This is the first time I'm taking part in any contest of such nature!!!

I will update you with WiseShe's link to my EOTD if she plans to feature me :)



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