Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TAG: What's in my Bathroom????

As most of you know, my parent's home is getting re-done/re-painted...Today, it's my room's turn! And I'm scared....very very very SCARED! Did you just ask WHY? For beginners, I chose (much to my mum's discontent) a dark grey color for my room (English Castle from Asian Paints to be precise). Not scary enough? Well, what if I tell you I've chosen this dark dark dark color for ALL the walls and even the cieling?! HA! Beat that :P

Anyways, the results shall be out soon...will post pics once its done (By tomorrow hopefully)... Anywho...I had to squeeze all my bathroom essentials into my medicine closet (well officially it's called the medicine closet but then its just an over-the-washbasin mirror closet used to store extras) :) Also, this is when I decided to adopt the ever-hyped google beauty tag-What's in my bathroom and share with you all my bathroom goodies. Here goes...

I have this cute-sy Strawberry Shortcake Almirah hung next to the medicine closet towards the shower area. I have had it ever since it was gifted to me by my cousin (some 15-20 years back)!!!It had all these miniature figurines, each with a distinct fragrance of a fruit...Hung from the same hook as the almirah is a jute bag which I have stuffed with inner wear :D

I was trying to settle all the bottles in the cabinet so you might notice that some of the products appear at different positions. However, in each picture I have tried to cover all the products. 
  • The random pouch contains all the mini applicators which come with blushes, single-eyeshadows etc. 
  • The vitamin box is just a candy box in which I store my daily dose of Vitamins and Fish Oil
  • The sundries are kept there to be utilized when for my beauty concoctions etc
  • I have reviewed the Loreal and Garnier Light face washes HERE
  • The Burberry Deo was a gift and I <3 it soooo soooo much; it was the first deo-gift which didnt make me mad :D
  • In the extreme right corner I have my TBS Shower Gel and a Random Spa Gel which I got from a cruise (yes, I am (sometimes) one of those people) ;) Squeezed in the corner is an empty bottle of nivea after shave lotion (I guess) which belonged to my dad-but I use it now to store my homemade Makeup Remover. If you want to know how I make it-just leave a comment below!

Here I have got
  • Herbal Essences Volumizing(?!) Conditioner which I HAULED HERE
  • I always keep hand sanitizers in all corners of my world; who wants dirty hands? EWWWWW
  • The spray bottle at the back used to contain body mist, but now I just use it to store my homemade Toner. Want to know how to make one for yourself? Just drop a comment :) 
  • I hate the Loreal conditioner, that's why it just gets half the space :P
  • Next are two skin care essentials-Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser... I Lourvvveeee these and last, my apricot scrub!
Ok then we have

  • My Giovani Hair mousse which is the one and only hair product I own for setting my hair. My hair are generally poker straight, so I just use it for very formal occasions when I feel the need to curl my hair for adding volume,
  • Freeman Clay Avocado and Oatmeal Mask which I bought about an year back and is the only mask I own. I generally use home-made face masks. Behind it is a bottle of rose water and Nivea Whitening Deo.
  • Next to it is a Niva Body Cream which I used to use for my legs alone. It's almost empty. Somehow I cannot finish products which I am about to run out of... HOARDER-yes I am. LOL
This ones a mixed bag
  • I've got my aroma magic night cream which I was using before I started with my night-time skin care ointment. More on that and how I use it to control my acne, coming soon :)
  • Next, I have started having multi-vitamins everyday-HIGH TIME.
  • I received the clarins Pure melt gel in my September Velvette Box which you can check HERE
  • My aunt gifted me the Clinique rinse off makeup solvent. Want a Review?  Also she gave me the Eslizabeth Taylor's Passion Shower Gel. It smells heavenly. I'm waiting for some kind of special occasion to even begin to use this ;)
  • i LOVE good-looking candy containers. They are so bright and peppy! I use this pink one to store random stuff. The Lip Balm on top is one my mum got last year from the states. It came in a pack of 3 and I dont remember the name!
  • I bought the Biotique under eye gel and Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Gel recently. HAULED HERE
  • Next is my Cetaphil Moisturizer which I use as part of my skin care routine for my legs (to get rid of my marks) Want to know more? Just leave a comment and I'll do a post on how you may I'm getting rid of the marks on my legs.
  • Hmmm....This post is getting soooo long...anyways last leg. So finally I have my TBS Tea Tree Toner which I store and carry in the small TBS VIT E Toner Bottle. Also My clinique instant energy body wash-which I have not started using and khadi cream which I use in winters to get rid of dry/itchy skin :)
Finally, I tag all my followers who are interested in doing this TAG. I really want to see what you all have in store. SHOW!SHOW!SHOW!



  1. Aw thanks for commenting on my Shower Tag post - How funny we both did posts like that yet weren't following each other - i'm following you back chick. xxLaurzie


  2. Nice and an interesting post.:)
    even my bathroom is filled up with the supplies and the current ones !!

    1. Thanks niesha! You should totally follow this tag and come up with your bathroom post!

  3. I love these types of posts! On my blog I've posted "What's in my shower?", "What's in my bag?" and even "What's in my refrigerator?" haha!

    Thanks for stopping by my site! <3

    Liesl xxx

    1. Thanks liesl! I shall follow your league in doing such posts!

  4. Enjoyed reading the post :) I have started having multi vitamins too recently.. For my hair :)

  5. This was something superb!!!! thankyou for such details :)

  6. Nice post...even my bathroom and wardrobe cabinets are stuffed to the brim with stuff..lol
    Do share how u make ur toner and makeup remover :)

    1. Haha! Girls will be girls after all. I shall post the DIY soon, there's nothing great to it!



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