Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: L'oreal White Perfect Re-lightening Whitening Facial Foam & Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash

Let me start off by letting you know that I do not fall in that category of people who have a problem with their complexion. I believe that beauty is not a reflection of one's skin color; it depends on various traits- the 2 most important being the 'features' that you have been blessed with and also the way you 'carry' yourself. Both of these are interdependent & complimentary. Therefore, it is important that we respect and take care of ourselves :)

Having said that, let me also add that before using the products listed in the title I had never in my life used any sort of lightening potions/concoctions/creams etc! 

Also, as you guys know, I have been busy with studies  because of which I have taken time off work and as such this time when I ran out of face-wash I was not really hesitant in using up these two products which have been sitting in my medicine closet for a while!

Without further ado, let's quickly jump into the review and here's how the two products look like
On to what the company claims:

Garnier: Click on image to enlarge

Loreal: Click on image to enlarge

As I have mentioned I have had mine for a long time and dont remember the price, but for your convenience I checked on flipkart and Loreal costs 315INR whereas Garnier costs 125INR (both for 100g of product).


Both are made up of the same ingredients ( More or Less) & I am not in a position to interpret the ingredients for you. However, both of these have been manufactured at the same plant of L'oreal India Pvt. Ltd. situated at PUNE!

(I used up L'oreal White Perfect Re-lightening Whitening Facial Foam before I started using Garnier Light Face Wash.)
1. Are these effective?
    Yes, both of these perform as per their claim. However, I feel Loreal is more effective than Garnier in terms of instantly visible effects in a single wash. It cleanses the face more thoroughly.

    Both of them have a creamy consistency and have a peculiar shine to them which I do not really appreciate because whenever I see that shine in products, its as if they are screaming "CHEMICALS" in my face! Although, L'oreal doesnt have too much of that chemical effect, Garnier does.

3. Usage?
        I used them both with my pink baby, reviewed here-. My pore cleansing facial pad . Whereas, L'oreal suits my super-duper oily skin and cleans the excess oil thoroughly without drying my skin, Garnier stretches my skin a bit (which is shocking)!. You need a tad bit of each to really foam up your face!

4. Any additional facts?
       Recently I discovered that I am allergic to lemon, as such I would say that it can be a lil tricky to buy a product like garnier which has added essence because many a times you might be allergic to such things. Loreal claims to have only Melano-blocks  (Trade Mark rights)  & Vitamin C.

Even though L'oreal is bit on the expensive side, I would still go ahead and buy it because it is unlike any other face wash that I have tried. It definitely adds a glow to the face by thoroughly deep cleaning your pores.

I will not be buying Garnier, not only because I'm allergic to lemon, but also because it feels more synthetic, stretches my skin and is not really all that effective!

For further info, leave a comment below and let me know what other similar products have been working for you!




  1. Haven't tried either but the L'oreal one sounds good. Will give that a shot

  2. You should! You'll see how squeeky clean your face gets right in the first wash-kind of like getting my cleansing done at the parlor!

  3. It's the perfect product for women, maybe even some men. I think skin is the most important thing when it comes to fashion, it's the most noticeable part of a body.

  4. definitely stick with the expensive one if it works :) great review

    1. Thanks vicky. Definitely stick with loreal, garnier products hardly work for me!

      I shall visit your blog soon :)

  5. super review :) nice comparison :) need to try the loreal one :)



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