Thursday, October 18, 2012

The story of a Micro-MINI Haul/October Haul Part 2, a lost package and overnight remedy for chapped lips

One must always begin with the good things in life and so before jumping into the stories of my agonies, I shall introduce you to my mini haul which cost me only 100INR :) Any shopping is good shopping, nooooo?

So the story of my mini haul begins with my desire to review the Colorbar Obsessed Orange Lipstick which I bought recently (also featured in my awesome delhi haul here) and continues into the saga of my lost package. But before that, I must enlist my haul goodies:
1. VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm with SPF 15, INR49/-
2. Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture 24 hour+moisturized lips, INR 30/-
3. Himalaya Herbals 100% Herbal Actives Lip Balm, INR 25/-

I have never used any of these lips balms before because generally I don't suffer from chapped lips, but recently, as a by-product of my skin peeling, I have noticed that even my lips are moisture-less(I hope that's a word!) And I first started to notice this when in all my excitement I tried on the Colorbar Obsessed Orange Lipstick for the first time and saw how gross it felt on my lips. I tried it a couple of times more because I was convinced that it was supposed to be a great product but for me it was settling in all the fine lines and accentuating my crappy lips... cut the long story short I decided to with-hold the review and treat my chapped lips.

So began the saga of my search for advice and great products. Well my dad  (being a smoker) is heavily into chapsticks, so he asked me to try the Vaseline lip care total moisture and then I read somewhere that Himalaya was better than Vaseline so I decided to pick that up too. And well, VLCC came with SPF 15, so I thought I'll buy that as well :) And oh! I bought it from my local chemist, just so that you know!

The lost package & my experience with ASOS

So last month, in mid-september, I bought some stuff from ASOS (considering the fact that they have free international shipping. It was supposed to get delivered to me on 2nd October (withing 10 working days) but did not and I was asked to wait till 18th for postal delays. I mailed them today and because free international shipping does not include tracking number, the package is deemed lost and my money has been refunded pronto! Kudos on that; however I'm super sad about my lost package and all the wait. And that's why I had the itch to buy something, ANYTHING, today! I'm hoping against hope that my package is delivered to me and not lost! That would be super-duper AWESOME!!!

Overnight Remedy for chapped Lips

Yesterday, the package was not all over my mind; my chapped lips were. So I decided to exfoliate them with the help of my pore cleansing facial pad (reviewed here ). I basically used the smaller pad featured in the post which I initially thought would be great for cleaning the bigger pad but then its not to difficult to clean the bigger I use the smaller one to exfoliate my lips. Here is a step by step method of how I achieved super duper soft lips:
1. Clean your lips/ Remove all hints of lipsticks/lip balms/lip stains etc.
2. Use a hint of extra virgin olive oil on your lips before you start exfoliating
3. Take any exfoliator (if its a harsh one, use just a tiny bit, and if its not to harsh, then use a grain sized amount-I used my St.Ives exfoliater which is not the best product for using on your lips but then I used just a lil bit) and lightly rub it in circular motions over your upper and lower lips, you may pucker while exfoliating but dont smile!
4. Clean it with water and with the help of a tissue paper remove any traces of water
5. Immediately dab on a lil olive oil and let it soak partially

6. Put on your favorite lip balm and repeat as soon as you feel any hint of dryness on your lips. I followed it with my C.O. Bigelow balm and then in a couple of hours with Baby Lips (reviewed  here)and then once I was outside I used elf lip balm with spf 15 and later with Lotus Herbals Lip Balm in Cocoa. HAHAHAHA! I was freaking out-gimme a break!

TADAAAA! Say hello to new LIPS!

PLEASE DO let me know whether you tried my therapy and how well it worked for you :) DON'T forget to comment & show your <3


  1. That C.O Bigelow balm looks very interesting. I use a baby tootbrush and a bit of Fab India's rose scrub to exfoliate my pout.

    1. So far it's my most favorite lip balm! I mean seriously nothing beats this balm. I've had it for a couple of years now ;) Will review soon (although I think they have newer versions now)! I was in the mood of a toothbrush but couldn't find an extra-plus my lips were super sensitive, I could not risk the chance of pricking!

  2. I'm definitely going to try that. :D
    Also, must try the CO one, haven't tried it yet.

    (New post is up)

    1. You must! Tell me whether you like it or not!

      You have quite an entertaining blog going on there--very interesting :)

  3. sugar scrub does not work for me hmm.. so i exfoliate with a warm wet baby towel... thinking of trying riceflour based scrub now..



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